To say Tingle Manor is running on a tight budget would be an understatement, but ‘sometimes’ you have to scrape your pennies together, and yes occasionally resort to selling soiled undergarments on ebay to raise a little cash to treat yourself. After a run of sales on skidmark ridden ‘Cottontails’ i was able to pony up and purchase an Allan Tanenbaum print of John and Yoko in November 1980, i got the print at a pretty fair price, and found a cool framing shop in Newtown (Coolest suburb in Sydney, come visit me and i’ll take you there for breakfast) the framing was done also at a really good price. So here we have it, my little treat to myself that now hangs in my lounge room. Between this and my ‘Stan Smith’ shoes i guess i have been a bit brazen in spoiling myself, but hey .. whatareyagonnado.

If anyone would like to make a bid on any of Miss Tammy’s used, violated, soiled and stinky intimates, my Ebay user name is ‘Trollopprolapse69’, and i’d like to catagorically deny the wicked internet rumours that i merely visit the charity shop, and purchase a bundle of old undies for $2.00 and pass them off as my own, not true, all garments are pre owned and pre soiled by my own good self.

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  1. Lizzie Bravo says:

    Lovely photo, looks fab framed – you deserve it! xx

  2. Erik says:

    Despite (in my humble opinion) John being too thin then, he certainly looked the happiest and (otherwise) healthiest and “freshest” he had in years…which of course adds to the tragedy, which will still stop me in my tracks to this day (and will forever) when I think of what happened that December and how absolutely unreal and unimaginable it was…..

    Hair Peace,


  3. Jennifer says:

    I just love Allan Tanenbaum’s photos of JohnandYoko, it’s crazy how often I have looked at his book, John & Yoko: A New York Love Story heh. : ) Congrats on your print (truly lovely picture choice) and I know what you mean. I, too, am on a tight budget and I still pre-ordered the John Lennon Signature Box *and* the John Lennon Box of Vision. *blushes* : )

  4. Ishie says:

    I love the series of photographs taken of J&Y by various photographers throughout 1980. Regardless of the comments made about John’s weight (and yes, he was quite slender), he looked content & attractive to me. There was something in his smile that showed an excitement about where he was and what he was doing.

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