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10 Responses to “SILVER JACKETS:”

  1. A different Jennifer says:

    The story of John’s acquisition of that bottom jacket, as told on LennonNYC, is so cute.

  2. Don Percy says:

    Top photo – “Mad Day” dress up?

  3. james says:

    I always think (apologies for going off track) thats Johns hair at this point in 1980 had the look as if either he or yoko cut it, its possible, he had his hair very long just prior to this and in alot of these photos at this time his hair just doesnt look right, I wonder if either one of them just did a chop on it, or someone hada go withour really giving hima set style, the more you look at this photo the more it looks that way..I know its a bit obsessive on deatil but its intrigueing, John was back in the public eye..well almost..and he always had a good eye for style once he was!maybe wrong but it would be interesting to know who his hairdresser was at this time and certainly before he had the rocker cut on what was to be his final day, oh well tiem to get a life I think!ha!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Lovely pictures (and jackets). : ) <3

  5. Jema says:

    I love John’s expression in the top picture,I think it’s kind of funny.

  6. They both look as if they could eat the other up, proof that people in middle age still have sex. As to the comments about John’s hair–don’t you think it was receding or thinning? I’ve known men who will do amazing things so that their hair doesn’t look as if it’s biting the dust.

  7. greg raymond says:

    Trust me I’m a John fanatic in every (good) sense of the word, and as far as his hair goes I’ve always noticed the different styles he’s worn. My theory is (if you look back at all the summer to winter 1980 photos)in August his hair was very long, he then cut it into that mullet/shag type style (very new and stylish in 1980) He was then letting it grow until cutting it again in early December. During the four months he let it grow out I think he’d just tend to comb it different ways.I do believe he had it cut twice in early December as it looks slightly different in style and length in the photos from Dec.6th and Dec. 8th. I also do believe that John was in fact losing some hair. Certain photos will show the wind or whatever exposing the forehead, and it exposed quite alot of forehead hence he tried to cover it a bit. Even the ery last hair cut he had still had little bangs covering is forehead. If you look at photos of John’s uncle Charlie Lennon that guy was as bald as an egg, also take a good look at Sean Lennon these days and he is definately losing his hair so I believe it was in the genes John knew it and was on his way to becoming bald. Probably the reason he tended to wear as many hats as he did. Just a theory.

  8. Steve in the Bronx says:

    He still had a pretty good head of hair for age 40!

  9. james says:

    Yes I think its all possible, of course losing hair is for anyone including John Lennon, though he was being accused of losing it all back in 1975 at the grammy awards, becausze he wore that berry!he obviously had quite a high hairline, look at Julian, he positively promotes that style!(though I personally think it looks a bit funny)my little point with Johns hair is twofold, it looked lank and dry and unstyled for quite alot of the period (Im speaking like a hairdresser now!ha!)Johns hair could look amazing when in good or condition(or conditioned)look at the photos he had of Seans Birthday two or three years earlier, Im guessing as anyone can but it seemed to me that he was trying to convey a period in hairstyle from the mid beatles days but ultimately moved through that stage to the final “rocker “cut, he went through most of his styles in his life that final year, it was as if he couldnt settle on a previous look because hed changed so much, at this time Pauls hair looked great and george too went through a hair renaissance eventually where he too had ther old look and sheen back. Its a bit silly and obsessional but I think he could be right on the ball with his hair or not at all and leading up this period he was just going along with photo shoots, after having the really long hair cut and not knowing what style hed eventually have, he probably would have gone bald one day but he had a few years left I think, just needed a decent stylist

  10. xian says:

    Fred Seaman wrote in his book’about John’s obsession on losing his hair; he searched news in the papers of other stars who wore wigs… it seems that he was starting to lose it in the back of his head (monk tonsure like), not on the front. He had a high hairline, and a beautiful forehead, and did nothing to hide it, indeed!. Maybe he was trying towear a BEATLE Cut, for midage men try to go back to youth by wearing clothes or haircut they had as in the 20s…Anyway, that was an haircut they used on that period, between 70s and early 80s /see Clif Richards’, or Roy orbison’s… I think he (John) had a great idea on his last haircut wich was a revision of Teddy Boys’…think how much people weared the same in the next years, and eastern Europe people still do nowadays…

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