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28 Responses to “SHENANIGANS:”

  1. BeatleMark says:

    Is Paul inventing “break-dancing”? 😛

  2. zappaf78 says:

    Ok, this is now the most weirdest photo of Paul I’ve ever seen. Nice find!

  3. Markzapp says:

    Francine Scwartz with Paul in photo #1. She was his girlfriend briefly in the summer of ’68.

  4. Markzapp says:

    Photo #2 reminds me of Paul the way he looks now.

  5. Markzapp says:


  6. Brian says:

    Lennon rugby-tackling McCartney?

    I can’t work out the event either: Revolution/Hey Jude for the David Frost shows? Maybe

  7. Lizzie Bravo says:

    People called her Francie. I had never seen these, they’re great! Love to all from a fat lady freezing in London – how can you people stand this kind of weather? I want me sandals and cotton dresses now! xx

  8. Alice says:

    Is that George and Ringo reflected in the mirror?

  9. Ishie says:

    Yes to george & Ringo being reflected in the mirror.

    Regarding Paul & Francie, it’s amazing the turn Paul’s life would take shortly thereafter. Within 9 months he would be married to Linda & an expectant father!

    The photos are amazing, as are the rest featured in Don McCullin’s new book “A Day in the Life of the Beatles”.

  10. d- says:

    OK, WHAT is Paul wearing in photo No. 1? (Clearly no pants, but what is he supposed to be dressed as? And WHAT is Paul, and I presume John, doing in photo No. 2? (It seems like it’s John because he was the one wearing white tennis shoes that day.)

    I bought a copy of A Day in the Life of the Beatles and its a lovely book, filled with shots I hadn’t seen before. Paul and John are goofy in quite a few of the shots. It’s a nice addition to my Beatles book collection.

  11. Markzapp says:

    Brian: the event was a photo session often referred to as the “Mad Day Out” from July 28, 1968. Part of the session took them to a theater where they put on a bunch of various costumes.

  12. stephenmcg says:

    d I agree, I bought the book and reasoned the white footwear was Johns.
    As to why, when would John strike ?when Paul was vulnerable ie his trousers were off.

    Also, and you may say its vanadalism ( and vague link to Lizzies comment on Poster above) I cut the string that held in the pages and now have 5 or so sections.Why? Because I cant scan the pictures flat etc
    And why is there blank white pages every so often when theres contact sheets with unseen shots?Is John being gross re nose “bench” picture?
    Good book though, honest.

  13. Beatle Ed says:

    Classic Beatles fun. Great pics.

  14. Brian says:

    Cheers MarkZapp

  15. Wow! these are incredible shots!!! Love the Mad Day Out!!!

  16. stephanie says:

    stephenmcg: you are correct: footwear are john’s in 2nd photo.
    They appear to be the same white trainers John wore on the cover of Abbey Road album. And on his trip to Gibraltar to marry Yoko.
    I am a fan of those shoes, I recently bought identical pair, (identical brand and design) and am wearing them now!
    They are made by “Spring Court” brand, well known French label. Designed in France. No, I’m not from that company, nor am i plugging them for profit. Just a another crazy fan.

  17. stephenmcg says:

    There you go a Tammy, a post of his shoes!
    Hadnt realised they had been glued to his feet!
    Not unlike the green sheet in January 69!!!!

  18. hey_you says:

    is francine the one jane caught paul in bed with at cavendish?

  19. Markzapp says:

    That’s her.

  20. stephenmcg says:

    Shes also the female extreme left watching Paul play “Blackbird”, Apple 68 film and Anthology.

  21. Ali says:

    Is there a blonde haired child between the two of them, I can see a little black boot between John’s legs.

  22. Markzapp says:

    Mal Evans’ son accompanied the group on this photo session although I don’t see a child in this photo.

  23. Lindt says:

    Break dancing? More like break neck dancing!

  24. Duke Shumas says:

    There’s photos and video of the Mad Day out here. Looks like over 100 photos used.

    It’s the Ob-ladi-ob-la-da and Martha My Dear and Dont Pass Me By promo clips.

  25. Ken Wood says:

    You`re right about the kid – there is a small tennis sneaker between John`s legs! Seems they weren`t tackling each other but having fun with the kid.

  26. cacau says:

    The girlfriend is little…

  27. Rmacca says:

    That is Paul’s shoe between John legs not a kids.

  28. Guus says:

    It’s the second Mad Day location, Mercury studio.

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