SHEA 1966:

Thanks to the “Meet The Beatles For Real” Blog for turning these up.

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  1. Michael Lantz says:

    I believe that the Beatles were a great live band.It was sad that they had to deal with screaming girls.Anybody who thinks so otherwise, ought to listen to the Beatles live in Hamburg in 1962 before Beatlemania.It is sad everytime a boy band like The Backstreet Boys,N'Snyc,or some other boy band comes on the scene they are compared to the Beatles.It is sad that the media put them in the same category with the Beatles.Most of those boybands were put together by record company,and most of those boy bands did not play on their own records and write their own songs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fab photos indeed! I wonder what happened to the pick-guard on Paul's Hofner bass?

  3. Roger Greenawalt and David Barratt says:

    Brilliant Blog. approve of this sort of thing

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