I don’t normally step outside the realms of Beatles on here, but in the spirit of the Beatles, i’m giving my nephew a plug, for his band and music, it’s hip hop .. so keep your ears open and your prejudice in your purse, this is a really lovely song.

Greg xoxo


  1. Rori says:

    cool…does he have a facebook page?

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    Are you kidding? As much as you help us??? Brother, I would always welcome opportunities to reciprocate…
    First of all, his name(and spelling of) is very cool…the image is a little blurry so I couldn’t quite appreciate the literary cleverness of it til later. But, the genre is apparantly lopsided, because you don’t hear this kind of delivery too much in L.A. traffic. This seems far more melodic and way less angry than any of the mainstream. The thing Dlinkwnt should know is that his voice…(I like the accent) is perfectly suited to this music and very much more appealing than others. I was being lured by it to listen…as opposed to chased away by the more harsh delivery.
    In the old days, I liked Streets (Mike Skinner???)…
    Dlinkwnt’s got at least that much to offer…but Dlinkwnt’s voice is way better…I don’t see any reason for him NOT to continue.
    There are plenty of important topics he could deliver to our misinformed world that might help us all wake up…
    I think all Beatle peeps would find this worth a listen…and my warmest regards to Dlinkwnt!!!

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