Ahhhhh, Paul the recycler .. i think i have photo’s of Paul wearing these sunnies in 1975, 1976, 1983 and 1989! that reminds me i must blog about Paul’s reoccurring foot wear over the years.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    oh yeah, like they’re the same glasses. sure thing. he’s just so proud of those glasses that he takes great care not to lose them. i can hardly hang onto a pair of sunglasses a couple of weeks without scratching, breaking or losing them, and i live a very quiet life. paul, on the other hand, bounces all over the world but still manages to hold on to a old pair of sunglasses after 33 years and they still look brand new. amazing. and it must be the same pair in all the photos through the years because there is no other pair that looks like those anywhere in the universe. those glasses are such a unique design. it has to be the same pair. it just has to be.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How is he a recycler for wearing the same glasses? I don’t quite understand. Am I missing something? If someone wears something more that once, are they a recycler? I wear my shoes every day, am I a recycler? Is it a good thing to be a recycler? Is it cute that you think Paul is a recycler? What if you found out he recycles his underwear? Daily. Same pair. Is saw him wearing the same underwear in 1964. He recycles.

  3. Tammy says:

    Hi Anon, listen when you’ve studied as many pics as i have and my fellow photo fans you’ll get the joke about Paul being a recycler, we could write a book on sock’s, shoes, MANY jackets, glasses, shirts etc .. the guy throws nothing out and he returns to them over and over .. ummmmm, what is he wearing in the ‘Dance tonight’ promo clip?, thats right a Dougie Millings Beatle jacket last seen in HELP.

  4. jerusalemgypsy says:

    I saw same glasses cir. 1970 in NYC when he was recording RAM – if I can get the scanner to work – I’ll send them on…

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