Seasons greetings.

Here we are at the end of another year, each one we pass through brings its own challenges, joys, sorrows and everything in between, but one constant, as ever has been the Fabs, and the joy and comfort their music brings us.

I turn fifty in February, people keep asking me if I’m freaking out about it, I tell them I’m honestly not, because the alternative is pretty shit :-)

Mostly at this time of year I’m reflective, I try to take stock and be thankful, there are too many things to list here, but family, friends (that includes you guys of course) and my love, appreciation and enjoyment of music are at the top of my list of things I cherish, and that I’m so grateful for.

However you spend this season, be kind to yourselves. I wish you all happiness, enlightenment, growth, awareness and lots of music for the new year. Thank you for being there for me during the past twelve months, sometimes it’s a struggle, but your friendship helps buoy me along.

Greg x x x x

Ps/ Tammy: The Duchess of Oven sends her kindest regards, she’s indisposed at the moment, up to her elbow stuffing our Tofurkey.

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  1. mcarp555 says:

    And Gary Crimble to you and all you lovely Beatle people out there; I’ll be 55 in May, so no need to panic just yet. Paul and Ringo are our inspirations! Be reflective, and thankful too; but also keep in your heart all those you love who are no longer here. Plus of course the usual gang here with whom I can always enjoy a laugh, or learn something new. Everybody have a jolly and a merry.

  2. Jeff says:

    Dear Greg,

    Thanks for another year of sharing great photos, stories, memories, and for inviting us all in for tea. The wonder of it all, Baby, yeah, yeah, yeah!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope for the future, peace on Earth, and good will to all!


  3. Jo says:

    Happy Holidays to you Greg! Thank you for sharing Fab Fotos with us all year long!

  4. Mark says:

    Thanks for posting so many great photos and for keeping the atmosphere on this blog so upbeat. It’s always a joy to come here.

    Enjoy your Christmas, and all the best to you and yours for the year ahead!

    P.S.- 50 is the new 35. 😉

  5. Cara says:

    Beatle love and peace to you, Greg and Miss Tammy! For all you do for us grateful fans, there’s a special place waiting in Beatle heaven… many years from now, of course! Happy Chrimbo!

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    The only reason people ever grow old is because somehow…someway, they abandoned their ideals of Youth. This is not necessary…for there is no need to bring harm to oneself. A pound of prevention is worth a ton of cure…so, allow me…to recommend the elixir of Beatle Music. This is no absinthe or chicanery. This is a pure view on life that allows for total application…if you believe it, you will feel it. I’m young, I’m merry, I’m a Beatlefan!
    Thank you, Tammy…for the great Joy of the photos(Urban Spacemen RULE) and to everyone else for proving my points, giving me knowledge, and forgiving my super-dream that I am actually John’s literary protégé…A Spanner In My Own Works!
    Goodnight Nigel,

  7. Pete F. says:

    Happy Christmas from Montreal Greg!
    Thanks for all the photees!

    Happiness & Health & Love in 2015

  8. Lizzie says:

    Merry Xmas to everyone from boiling hot Rio de Janeiro! I LOVE this blog, I come here first thing every morning. I love the photos, the comments, everything I learn – even new English words! Thanks, Miss Tammy, for creating and keeping this wonderful place for all of us. I promise to look for more photos to scan! And as far as age goes, I guess I’m one of the older ones here – 63. We are planning to have my book out before May, when I turn 64. Love, love, love to everyone.

  9. Sara S. says:

    Happy Christmas to everyone here at my favorite Beatles blog! It is cold and rainy here in St. Louis—looks like a gloomy Christmas for us. I love that I know I can work together as Beatle friends with Greg and that we aren’t in a competition with each other (like so many other blogs out there seem to feel). I love all of my Beatle friends from around the world and I am so happy to have met you all through the best band ever. Peace and Love for the new year. Sara S.

  10. Nick D. says:

    Merry Chrissie, Greg! Have a great holiday &…welcome to the club! Its pretty damn good! :)

  11. Since 1963 says:

    Gary Crimble, Greg! Let me, from a drizzly central California, add myself to the list of Beatle friends who truly appreciate your site. Multi-visits are a requisite during my day.
    Don’t fret over your birthday. I’ll be 58 in January, but still feel like that 20 year old kid. A few aches here and there and a body that doesn’t always agree is expected, but then there’s always the little blue pill. :)
    Luckily Lizzie will always be older than us. LOL (Sorry Lizzie.) ;p
    Keep up the good work and wish Tammy Many Rudolphs from me.

  12. Joy says:

    I want to everyone a happy and healthy Christmas and the best of 2015 – and as George would say


    Joy from Philadelphia PA

  13. alf says:

    Chilly and Foggy in Central California.
    Betty Grable.
    Me Too !

  14. Lizzie says:

    Luckily, Paul and Ringo will always be older than me… (I read that, Since…). Have a wonderful day, everyone! Much love from the person who wants to lose weight but had Xmas cake for breakfast…

  15. I’m quite upbeat about turning fifty, on your birthday the Australian government actually sends you a stool screening kit, how could I not be excited about that?

  16. Lizzie says:

    I need some explanation, Miss Tammy… A stool screening kit????

  17. Nick D. says:

    What kind of bar stool kit is it?

  18. Nick D. says:

    What kind of bar stool kit is it?

  19. Kwai Chang says:

    It’s a fancy name for Tupperware when it includes a popsicle stick and a temperature strip. Hey, man…when did we eat chicken curry?
    Ringo will now sing…’step lightly’

  20. Nick D. says:

    @Kwai Chang Are you on FB?

  21. Kwai Chang says:

    Never…none of those

  22. Lizzie says:

    Thanks, mcarp555! Now I am totally informed.

  23. Since 1963 says:

    Lizzie, as we say here; TMI.

  24. Lizzie says:

    Another thing I don’t know Since1963… What is TMI?

  25. alf says:

    Too Much Information

  26. See how educational this blog is, it even promotes good health.

  27. Since 1963 says:

    An all-round informational. That’s why I return. :)

  28. Michael says:

    Peace and love to all. A special thanks Greg, for this great site/blog!

  29. Lizzie says:

    I’m always saying that, Miss Tammy! I learn so much on this blog… my English vocabulary has increased – I just found out what TMI is! – all the info on the fabs, plus all the friends I’ve made! I love it here, and thanks again, Greg, for all your time and effort to keep this such a wonderful place.

  30. LeftyBass says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  31. George A says:

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for another Fab year of photos and stories.

    Happy New Year.

    And Happy upcoming Birthday! As we all get older, I recall our generation philosophical lyrics: Lennon: “One Day At A Time” and “Living on Borrowed Time”, Dylan “Blood On the Tracks”: “Time is a Jet Plane, It Moves Too Fast”, or Jagger/Richards 1974: “Time Waits For No One”.

    Legendary WNEW-FM NYC DJ Pete Fornatale would call Beatles (together & solo), Stones and Dylan the Holy Trinity. Fun stuff.


  32. David B says:

    I SOOOO love this site, and especially the great pics and comments. Loads of folks ready to provide very accurate information.

    Thanks sir and blessings to all.

    David Bolter

  33. Vin says:

    Here in the UK you get the screening kit when you turn 60. I wonder why the difference.

    Happy Goo Year to all Beatle People everywhere!

  34. David B says:

    Can’t wait for new posts..!!!!!

  35. Kwai Chang says:

    Take your time…
    Life is short
    the afternoon is long
    But, we are loyal…
    and…we’ll be happy to see you
    And though we may be blind
    love is here to stay
    and that’s enuffff to make you
    mine, girl
    someday when we’re lonely
    wishing you weren’t so far away
    then, we will remember
    Tammy’s here to stay!


  36. Darren says:

    I really miss the posts, hope you’re well and back in action soon.

  37. alf says:

    Hey Tam , we all miss you Bud – sure hope there wasn’t any bad news regarding the afore mentioned screening kit !

  38. Lizzie says:

    I miss you too!!!

  39. Since 1963 says:


    I hope you’re just busy enjoying the Australian summer.

  40. Bob says:

    Same here. Come back soon!

  41. Michael says:

    Hope all is well, Greg. Positive energy!

  42. Michael says:

    P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

  43. Lizzie says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Here in Brazil we celebrate it in June. It’s Carnaval here now, people are dancing away all over the city. Lizzie, because she is a sick person, is cleaning the kitchen at close to 11:00pm… But I’m happy, despite the incredible heat. Miss you Miss Tammy!!! It’s 48 years today since I arrived in London and saw all four Beatles and Brian that same day; and 25 years since I last spoke to Paul, in Indianapolis.

  44. Kwai Chang says:

    The balance of Life
    Requires some of ‘this’
    some of ‘that’
    Did our own selfishness cause this?
    Is our host so kind
    that Beatle OVERDOSE occurred?
    I sincerely hope not.
    The never-spoken-of ‘Beatle Break’ is the Rx
    (80 mg.)

    Wronging writes

  45. mcarp555 says:

    There’s no such thing as ‘Beatle overdose’. Our erstwhile host is no doubt enjoying the warmth of an Ozzy winter, working on his tan, and reveling in his first half-century. ‘The best is yet to be’ someone much wiser than me once sang.

    Or maybe he’s exhibiting a kind of shyness alone with his screening kit.

    Lizzie, how I wish I could say in all honesty a sentence that contains the phrase “The last time I spoke to Paul…”.

  46. The 1st time I read about Lizzie iirc was in Nicholas Schaffner’s excellent book The Beatles Forever in 1977. Fast forward to this blog: Lizzie has made a couple of kind comments about my posts here. And if you told me way back in ’77 she’d reply to my comments i woulda thought you were crazy. Glad Lizzie’s here to share her stories.

    AND BY THE WAY congrats Lizzie on the BBC story about your upcoming book I read it a couple days ago. Hope your book gets great interest & publicity out of it :-)

  47. stephanie says:

    Some good news I can share, I spoke with Ms Tammy yesterday, she assures me she will be back on here and posting very soon :)

    I always enjoy the comments on here just as much as the fab photos, what a great community this is !! :)

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