Saturday 15th November 1980?



The photo of John posted above has been around for years, but cropped, and in bad quality. Recently the uncropped version has appeared.

After studying the photo, and looking at the background, I’m pretty certain this
photo was taken outside the Plaza Hotel, on Saturday 15th November 1980, when John and Yoko visited Ringo, Barbara and Marjorie.

If you look at the pic of Ringo and Barbara, you can see marbled columns behind them. In the pic of John and Yoko, you can also see marbled columns. Most tellingly, you can see luggage behind John, as well as what looks like porters trolleys.

Please feel free to open this up to discussion. John also wore these clothes (or similar) for the Jack Mitchell photo shoot earlier that month, and also for the filming in the park, and Sperone gallery. If this is in fact a photo of John and Yoko leaving the Plaza, it fills a BIG gap.

For years it’s perplexed myself and others how John and Yoko could enter and Leave the Plaza hotel, without being photographed.

I’m pretty certain the above shows they were photographed that day.

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  1. Dan says:

    JL is definitely exiting the Plaza. Current day Google Street view shows all of the elements: column, globe lamp, barometer.

  2. James Peet says:

    I feel sad about the mention of how J&Y could leave and enter the Dakota without being hassled by photographers, either amateur or professional.

    I wish John could have left and enter the Dakota without what happened less than a month later. It still bugs me, like everybody else, how that monster could harm John. I’d like to know what would have happened if he was living in the UK, Ireland or Australia, for instance.

    America and guns. I don’t get it.

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