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37 Responses to “SAILING AWAY:”

  1. Ishie says:

    As John once said, “Sean is my greatest pride”.

    This photo captures that sentiment.

  2. Adam from Canberra says:

    Wow! Great photo.

  3. Alex of the Bronx says:

    Great pix and great way to remember him by.

  4. Pete F. says:

    What a beautiful photograph.

    Anyone know where was it taken?

  5. The Hit Factory 48th st, Sept 80.

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    There was a time…
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, was there a time when
    I thought I had seen every Beatle picture ever taken!!!
    But, oh, how wrong can you be?
    And without warning…I stumbled upon this blog
    and, instantly, I knew that I didn’t know anything about the Beatles.
    And, now, Tammy’s got me thinking
    they haven’t even broken up.
    I love these pictures…
    this is Heaven!
    Thank you, Tammy!
    (great pictures)

  7. Jorge says:

    Wow, this is what makes this site so unique and wonderful, thank you Tammy.

  8. Michael says:

    This a wonderful and thought provoking photo. Thank you, Tammy!

  9. Chris says:

    What a beautiful and heartbreaking photo.

  10. maria.m says:

    There are great surprises all over this wonderful blog, thank you Tammy!

  11. A Different Chris says:

    I remember seeing this great photo on that PBS special from a year or two ago. Great to see a better copy of it.

  12. mrgroove says:

    I really love this photo!

  13. greg raymond says:

    Shoulda’ been the photo for Beauytiful boy single. Very touching.

  14. Cara says:

    I’ve never seen such great quality. Thanks for spiffing it up!

  15. Steve In The Bronx says:

    This picture would bring a tear to even a hardened person.

  16. Tammy says:

    Miss Tammy takes a deep curtsy .. ooh hello, that was a little too deep.

  17. Sara S. says:

    Oh whoever scanned such a wonderful photo? *wink.* I sort of planted this photo “out there” Miss Tammy to see how long before you found it. Glad you did!

  18. Sara S. says:

    Oh..have you found the others that I scanned from this Japanese magazine? Do I need to send those to you as well. They are from the same DF session. Sort of darkish, but great shots!

  19. Jonathan says:

    As the parent of a young child and being 40 now myself, this one really hits home for me. It’s a wonderful, heart warming picture but it saddens me to think how Sean was deprived of such a loving parent.

  20. bill c. says:

    Not sure why I think of this , but , someday , hopefully a long long time from now , when Sean reaches heaven it’ll also look like this.

  21. Erik says:

    This photo is absolutely heart-breaking. I’m 42 and have a little daughter (2 years old) and she looks like Sean somewhat (esp in this pic).

    But the love that John is showing Sean is the love I show my Maggie….

    Since I saw this photo yesterday I have continued to think of it…..


    Hair Peace,

  22. Oh yes Miss Sara I’ve found them, ages ago, I’ve been holding them back for a special project I have up my sleeve :-)

  23. Alex of the Bronx says:

    one of the beauties of this blog is how it unites us. Look how it we all came together because this pix brought out the parent instincts in many of us.
    May we all shine on………………

  24. Since 1963 says:

    I nver thought much of John’s love for Sean considering how little he seemed to care for Julian. Great father? I think not.

  25. Michael says:

    John was a different man when Sean was born. More mature and responsible. Everyone makes mistakes in this life, you know. Just because John was too self centered to be what he should have been to Julian, doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a good father to Sean. Also, as we all know, he was re-establishing a relationship with Julian at the time of his death. Believe me, maturity and sobriety would have helped his relationship with Julian in ways we cannot imagine. I think John had become the kind of man who was and could be a great father to both his sons… just an opinion.

  26. Kwai Chang says:

    Is it possible to be a parent AND a Beatle?
    I don’t think so.
    (I never saw any children on stage with them)
    It’s a predicament that must be really tough to be in. Why? Because there is NO overlap(intersection) between the two. Being a Beatle is just a huge sacrifice…no matter what comes with it. Beatle magic was strongest in the beginning. It faded on a per-domestic-commitment basis. How could it be any other way? The magic couldn’t last forever…because they needed more than fame. Being a parent, at least, makes legacy possible for the individual.

    (cough, cough, cough)
    But, all of that is simply irrelevant compared to the ‘specific example’ that can occur. Is there anyone who is so composed, so collected, so poised, so perfect…who could have stood in John’s shoes? Or, is he the only one? If I never knew my father, or saw my mother’s lifeless body lying in the street, or was reared by my mom’s sister…I wouldn’t survive it.

    Momma, don’t go
    Daddy, come home

  27. JD says:

    It is indeed a touching and wonderful photograph. However, I do wonder what Julian would think if he saw pictures like this. I realise that John was more mature at this point to when he was in his twenties and I like to think that he would have grown old with both his son’s by his side…That Julian is now a grounded and content adult is a minor miracle in itself and a huge credit to Cynthia.

  28. Alex of the Bronx says:

    All good points Kwaii.
    Also didn’t the guy who John said The Beatles were bigger than say something like ” Let he who is without sin throw the first stone ? “

  29. Sara S. says:

    There are some pretty sweet photos of John with a young Julian Lennon as well. John made many mistakes as a father to Julian, but it was obvious that he loved his son.

  30. I love at the end of the BBC interview on December 6th 80 you can hear John say off mic ‘I must remember to call Julian and tell him to listen in’. A huge part of the tragedy is that filthy shit rag stole away the chance for John to be a father to both his sons.

  31. Ishie says:

    In so many ways John had come full circle. His life was back on track and he was comfortable being a husband, father and a musician.
    Yes, as a young man of 23 newly fathered and building a career, he was in an entirely different place and was not capable of being the same type of husband and father that he was later in his life to Yoko & Sean respectively. But, he was slowly trying to undo the wrongs especially with Julian and somehow try to make the broken pieces of that relationship whole again.
    John’s relationship with Julian was so similar to that of John with Julia. Just as they were establishing a relationship & a closeness, Julia died tragically and history repeated itself in December 1980.
    Julian was one of John’s beautiful boys and I hope that he feels that.

  32. Bill C says:

    Isnt his regret over his first son the reason dedicating himself to his second son ?

  33. Ishie says:

    Bill C. … I think John was dedicating himself to Sean because he realized what he did not do with/for Julian. In the same light, he wanted to reestablish a relationship with Julian because he did love him. The lovely thing is that Julian & Sean developed a wonderful relationship/brotherhood and maybe when all is said and done that in itself is a testament!

  34. luis izquierdo says:

    dear Kwai Chang
    as long as I know John never saw his “mother’s lifeless body lying in the Street”
    at the moment of the accident he was in julia’s house,
    it’s written in 2 john’s sister books and many others.
    let’s not complicate this story more

  35. Kwai Chang says:

    @luis izquierdo…
    I read the Hunter Davies biography when I was 11 years old. Maybe I misunderstood what he said. I thought Julia and John(14 years old???) were hanging out together and when she left, he walked her to the corner. Then he went one way and she went the other way. He was barely a few hundred feet from the corner when he heard a distant screeching of tires from that direction. He ran back to see that Julia had been hit by a car. That’s about how I remember it. Maybe, I have confused myself somehow about what I read. I have always thought John had the most legitimate reasons to be angry at the world. Especially when Freddie showed up at John’s door with outstretched hand.
    Even if John didn’t see Julia dead, the Oedipus/Elektra complex was run over by an off duty cop that day…
    That’s enough to make anyone cynical.

  36. James says:

    One of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen

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