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42 Responses to “RUBBER SOUL UNCROPPED:”

  1. Pete F. says:

    Is this the photo that ended up on the cover “by accident”?

    In Anthology, Paul tells a story about the Fabs looking at various album cover possibilities being projected onto an LP size white cardboard. When the cardboard slipped, the photo being projected became distorted and everybody went “Wow, that’s IT!”

    Never seen this pic, thanks for posting Tammy!

  2. Nick says:

    OMG! Thank you, Miss Tammy!

  3. Ishie says:

    Incredible photo! Love the look and stance of Lennon!

  4. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Outdid yourself Miss Tammy. Never saw many of these. My favorite Beatle album also.
    love from Da Bronx

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    Now, that’s high!
    (I’m taking the day off…Thanks, Tammy…the next bong is for you)

  6. Nick says:

    Kwai, as long as its not a toot and a snore!

  7. Julian says:

    What an amazing find. Well done Tammy!!!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, I love this picture. : )

  9. jim says:

    the mount rushmore of rock…

  10. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Good one Jim

  11. Kevin says:

    Yes, Jim, excellent comment!

  12. Erin says:

    This absoultey made my day. Rubber Soul is my favorite album, and I’ve never seen the “uncropped” version before. I love it.

    and yes, Jim, excellent comment.

  13. PJ says:


  14. Kwai Chang says:

    Was this on a cold day?
    Is Paul wearing gloves…extra long sleeves…or just THC?
    “Okay, EVERYBODY…smirk for the camera”
    …upon first inspection of the RS cover, the average fan must have been made to ask the following of themselves: What are THEY doing that I’m NOT doing???
    The thing I love about Rubber Soul is that they chose to not put their name on the front cover…the fact that they were allowed to speaks volumes. Is there any ‘face’ more recognizable? Maybe Muhammad Ali in the early seventies…but, in 1965? No name on your product would be commercial suicide for anyone else(…except Dylan).
    Was the title decided before they picked the image? Or, was the ‘stretched’ picture inspiration for the title?
    Now, can we determine where the negative is?

  15. Michael says:

    WOW! I’ve always wondered what the rest of that photo looked like. Even though it takes some of the mystery out of it, it’s still great to see. Thanks!!

  16. Don Percy says:

    WOW. Super Wow. I mean, WOW!! Phew.

  17. Joy says:

    I have a similiar picture like this hanging on my wall. It’s actually a lithograph that I purchased at the thrift store that I work at. I’m occasionally getting BEATLE items there in fact everytime something comes in whether it’s a book, cd, etc. my manager puts it on my desk because he knows how much I LOVE the BEATLES especially GEORGE!

    Getting back to this picture – it really is a great one! Thanks for posting

  18. lizzie says:

    i was quite stunned when i saw this photo online yesterday! i keep wondering where’s the rest of the roll of film…

  19. Kelli says:

    Wow! I didn’t think I would ever see this!

  20. Jill says:

    Well, first time commenting, but by far not my first time visiting this site.

    I have just set this picture as my desktop background. I love it. Love Rubber Soul. I’ve never seen the uncropped, unstretched version of the picture before. It’s awesome. Thank you, Tammy. : )

  21. Jorge says:

    Wow! Fantastic pic! The 4 horsemen of the Rockopolypse! Thanks Tammy

  22. Don Percy says:

    I’m forced to comment again. This picture is just too cool for school! I’ve long wanted to see more Rubber Soul outtakes including back cover outtakes. Hopefully this is the beginning of more being leaked…!

  23. Willischulz says:

    Miss Tammy I came to visit the sight today because I was feeling really down. I was hoping there would be a special new “update” picture that would cheer me up in these gloomy cold days here in the Northeast USA.
    WOW! This is unspeakably – one photo I have always wanted to see. Thank you!
    It’s 11 degrees F outside and I am feeling warm and happy inside.
    “Baby You Can Drive My Car…”

  24. HarvG says:

    A truly great photo – thanks for posting and thanks once again for a great website!

  25. Kevin says:

    This photo is creating quite a buzz around the Beatle world. Everyone wants to know where it came from?
    Any comment?

  26. JMA689 says:

    Awesomeness… Now is the picture was a tiny bit bigger 😀

  27. Louise says:

    This picture was taken by Henry Grossman, right? He’s got a pricey new book of his Beatles photographs coming out this year, with an intro written by Paul. I’m betting this photo among others is in the new book and that’s why we’re seeing it for the first time.

    There’s also a GREAT photo I’ve seen circulating of that time in Austria during the filming of Help when the boys did an impromptu bit of singing at some small club or something. There were 2 shots of a sweaty Paul and a sweaty John in black turtlenecks that I’d seen before, but the new shot that I saw for the first time the other day has both of them singing into the same mike and looking into each other’s eyes. Absolutely gorgeous shot!! I’m guessing that one too is in Grossman’s new book and maybe he or one of his PR people is releasing a few of these to help promote the new book.

    Unfortunately the book is a $500 monster that I can’t afford. But maybe after the limited edition sells out, they’ll release a cheap version for us regular folk. :)

    Anyway, great shot.

  28. Nick says:

    Isn’t the cover by Robert Freeman?

  29. Louise says:

    Oops, you’re right. Ignore that sentence!

    But the rest of the post still stands. Grossman does have a new book coming out, and there is a new photo of John and Paul circulating that is fantastic. :)

  30. JD says:

    Beep, beep mm beep, beep….YEAH…!!!

  31. bibi says:

    Wow, this is AMAZING to see!!!!!!

  32. Lizzie says:

    i NEED that grossman book!!!

  33. Erin says:

    Louise-I’m really hoping they’ll release a cheaper version of Grossman’s book as well. I’m dying to get my hands on a copy, but I’m not paying $500! lol

  34. Sean mc says:

    Hey Kevin, this picture actually first popped up on the beatles instagram on tuesday!!!! surprise right?

  35. Virgil says:

    Wow! amazing! This has to be the most amazing picture posted on this blog! I didn´t even know there was an uncropped version of the Rubber Soul cover. Great find! Congrats!

  36. Pet says:


    What is the largest available resolution of this uncropped photo?
    I want to make a poster size of this for my room… But this resolution is not enough. I found a slightly bigger version (960 * 748), but that’s not enough either…
    Tammy, if you have any bigger resolution, would you please post it?


    What is the real source of this photo? Mr. Robert Freeman himself…?

  37. Imagine says:

    Cool seeing the uncropped pic…. It’s as if John’s eyes are saying “I’m looking through you” :)

  38. Tammy says:

    Hi, i honestly know nothing about this pic, i’m as clueless as everyone else, it was just sent to me. I’d love to know the story, where IS this from?. I know Bob’s son looks in here on occasion, i’d love to hear from you again, and also get the web address for the site of your dads work, i deleted the mail before i saved the site, alas, can’t find the site now.

  39. Tammy says:

    Miss Tammy is here to heal.

  40. MarkZapp says:

    Is this for real? Looks kind of doctored to me. Notice the strange coloring on Paul’s right arm going into Ringo’s chest. Did someone stage a recreation of the original photo and post it onto the actual album cover? Better to be suspicious in this modern era of photoshopping. I remember that current fake photo posted here about 2 years ago of Paul with Jane. I thought that was real at first. If it is real, then cool s*** indeed.

  41. Erik says:

    Unbelievable…..I’m shocked…..and stunned. 😉

    Awesome as awesome can be.

    Hair Peace

  42. Jaime says:

    I do some photoshopping and I think this is real. The content of the photo seams very real to me. It look natural, they are obviously cold and are reacting to the climate. It looks like a small copy from a proof, maybe a book proof? In any case-I was stunned to see it myself! I hope it’s in an up coming book. I want to see a beautiful print of it.

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