The next few months will be a boon for Beatle/John fans with a mountain of stuff appearing for John’s upcoming aniversaries, one of the recently announced projects is a new book by Ken Sharp on the Double Fantasy recording sessions, and tying in with that is a beautiful set of art prints by photographer Roger Farrington, click “here” to see more photo’s and how you can order these.

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  1. Brian says:

    That last one’s lovely… very Beatley
    I wonder which tracks the Sardonyx actually featured on Double Fantasy/Milk and Honey

  2. Brian says:

    Great shirt too, dead cool

  3. connie says: are a gem. Very good timing with these photos of John.
    Thank you for your website!!
    Still miss him : (

  4. beatle55 says:

    he looks like shit. too skinny. love, a friend.

  5. Astrid says:

    All skin and bones…does not look good on him. And I hate the idea that maybe a healthier condition might have saved his life that night….


  6. d- says:

    Way way too skinny. Every time I see photos of him from 1980, he looks terrible, and I can’t help but think there was something wrong with him, healthwise.

  7. kavada says:

    I really love these photos, and I like the bottom picture very much!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thank you very much for these and for the link. : )

  9. Mark H. Zappasodi says:

    Are you crazy? “A healthier condition might have saved his life…”? He was shot with at least 4 bullets at close range. To us he was super but as a human he was not Superman. I can’t believe that you would even post sich an insensitive comment. Fat, skinny, or “just right” he was a musical genius with a great wit and an incredible spokeperson for several generations in creating change in our society. Remember this and his music. Thank you.

  10. lennon says:

    Was Lennon anorexic in 1980? How much did he weigh during this period? Did he have a health problem or did he starve himself because he was anorexic and had body image issues?

  11. stephanie says:

    wow. wow wow. amazing photos.

    Im really getting a little peeved with all these “john was too skinny” comments.

    Today, almost 60% of adults are overweight or obese, in US and Australia, and similar high rates of obesity in other many other western countries. As a result many people have lost perspective of what a healthy body weight really is, or looks like. Have some respect for the man.

    John repeatedly affirmed he was healthy and happy in 1980, and I beleive it. Listening to the 3 hour Andy Peebles interview, the overiding impression is John was so happy, and full of energy. That energy came from good health, and from a well balanced macrobiotic diet that he and Yoko followed. How could a man create so much wonderful music in 1980 if he was starving and anorexic? I dont think John had body image issues at all. In 1980 he was focused on his family, being healthy with his macrobiotic diet, and of course with his music.

    Macrobiotic diet is based on grains, vegetables, legumes, seeds & fruits. Low in fat. These foods give long lasting energy and good health. Its no secret that people who follow vegetarian and macrobiotic diets have the greatest longevity. That is a cruel irony of course, with John.

  12. Tammy says:

    Well said pet, i dont see how one can say John was anorexic, if you’ve ever known or seen a real anorexic you’d know John was far from it, so what if he had a low body fat weight, that’s healthy .. not carrying a set of swinging, bulbous man titties. John was shot four times (seven wounds) with hollow point bullets, Mr Creosote from ‘The meaning of life’ would not have survived a second longer than John.

  13. I love the hat…Is that the hat he had when The Beatles were looking at an Island in Greece?

  14. james says:

    There are many conflicting accounts of John in the last year or two of his life, Goldman made him out to be an anorexic/bulemic, the account written by the guy who had the Diaries passed to him said it was evident he had problems regarding his weight/body image, but who knows really?to me he does look too thin for a man of his height, some of the pictures of him fooling around naked in front of Annie Lieberviche do show him looking unbelievably skinny too, Im sure Yoko will say he was just following his macrobiotic diet, what ever was going on it wouldnt have harmed him to be a healthier weight and perhaps he didnt have any real guidance on that John would say “nobody controls me Im uncontrollable, the only one who can is myself and thats just BARELY possible”I think we can all take a lead from what he said there, typical John!..still a few more “dead fish”might have helped..

  15. Beatle Jim says:

    Lennon was happiest when he was 130-135 lbs. He remembered being called”The Fat Beatle” in an news article in 1965…he was too thin for a man of 5’10…5’11…he was pudgy in late 1965…early 1966…when The Fabs toured for the last time in August 1966..John looked to have lost a good deal of weight…

  16. BeatleMark says:

    Don’t any of you guys remember the “bathtub scene” in A Hard Day’s Night? John was built! Having some meat on his bones compared to the other three made him appear a little pudgy. At least that’s what me mum pointed out. :-) John was very lucky to have such a naturally beautiful physique.

    The macrobiotic diet and/or years of cocaine abuse could have something to do with his thin appearance in 1980. He still looks cool but sometimes looking cool isn’t as “cool” as being healthy!

  17. lennon says:

    I’ve read he was approx 5’9″ – 5’10” tall. In 1979-1980 he was around 130-135 pounds. Definitely underweight for his height and build. 150 – 155 lbs would probably be a healthier range for him. It makes you wonder if he had lived if he would have eventually discarded the macrobiotic diet and returned to a healthier weight (i.e. his mid 1970s weight). Hard to say what he was thinking in being so thin. Maybe he thought he was being chic.

  18. arkzapp says:

    Despite the comeback that we all awaited and finally got, I noticed that John seemed sooo seriouss in most of the photos from this time. It seemed like a far cry from his more humorous “Lost weekend” years of a few years previous. But during those mid-70’s years he seemed like his old joking self that many first latched onto when the Beatles first arrived. I agree with the poster who left the comment the the photo of John laughing while playing the guitar is Beatley. I don’t know if there were many photos of him laughing while recording, etc. during the recording of “Double Fantasy”.

  19. Chris says:

    Too skinny? Hmm. Perhaps. But it the poster above makes a good point. Obesity is rampant in our society. I get ticked when people lose 100 pounds and their family members say “oh you’re getting too skinny…” IT GETS ME SICK!!

  20. Brian says:

    He was probably just really concerned how his comeback would work out, how well he’d be received etc. May Pang’s book (Loving John) shows him suffering the pressures of having to live up to the public expectation of being “John Lennon” and make “John Lennon” records. Probably a relief then to disappear for 5 years.

    Also the weight, she says he got very snappy when she’d see him looking so thin in 79, but it was what he wanted apparently.

    Newsweek in Sept 80 described him as “whippet thin” but I don’t recall any other reference to his weight, or it being an issue. Sure, if everyone’s fat these days then the man in these 30 year old photos is gonna look pretty thin by comparison.

    I think he looks COOL

  21. Mike says:

    First, I love the bottom picture- up unilt this one, I don’t think I’ve seen a pic of John past 1964 in which he appears to be truly laughing and enjoying the moment without reservation. Very heartening to see that…

    I do remember many people being shocked at John’s physique when the Rolling Stone cover came out; but I think most, including me, marked it up to his diet along with the thought that he never again wanted to look as “soft” as he did in 1965-1966.

  22. james says:

    Very true to say that, he rarely had that kind of smile, particularly when performing or playing around with music, yeah he still had it going I guess or wasnt getting it back again, its always struck me as very strange the way he virtually stopped smiling on photos, he was master of the tight lipped look wasnt he?it suited his image for beinga serious artist I think and Yoko may have coached him along for that look because he often spoke about here that way, but I think one of the best things about John was his smiling/laughing look, his happy face was so him too!He was a very comedic guy and I think Yoko stifled that part of his creativity and persona, he became far too serious, maybe if hed been around in the 1980’s we might have eventually seen his comedic self again but who knows!Peter Sellers was a lot like John(in certain looks too I think)he also had aproblem with who he was and what he should be..I think it goes hand in hand with genius, they can be everything and nothing all at once!complex and simple all at the same time..many people are I suppose genuis or not.

  23. james says:!I cant even spell it!

  24. stephanie says:

    Chris: agree with your post 100%

  25. Ishie says:

    More than anything, it’s the smile on his face that shines through. Yes, he was thin (of that there is no doubt) but he appears to be sun-tanned, rested and happy to be back in the studio. In radio-spots and interviews done at this time, he explained that he was happy to have made it through the 70’s (a drag) and he was eager to get on with the 80’s. After a 5 year sabbatical of being a house husband and Daddy, he had left the ‘invisible ghosts’ & ‘demons’ behind. He was hopeful and eager & that’s what need to remember when cherishing his memory.

  26. mrgroove says:

    The idea that John’s weight on December 8, 1980 affected his body’s ability to withstand those gunshot wounds is completely absurd. A friend of mine was a paramedic in NYC who was trained by John’s responding emergency room physician, Dr. Stephen Lynn, who basically said that one of the gunshot wounds blasted away one of John’s main arteries causing immediate and massive blood loss and there was no way he or anybody could have survived that particular gunshot. Not only that, but that particular wound was so awful that even if John was shot in an emergency room with a team of attending physicians and nurses, they would not have been able to save him. John’s weight or health at that time was completely irrelevant towards his survival that night.

    And while John’s “macrobiotic” diet of coffee, chocolate and cigarettes didn’t exactly make him look all that healthy, it didn’t kill him either.

  27. Alpha Bitch says:

    The loss of John seems as acute as ever. I don’t suppose it will ever truly lessen over time though the love felt for John and appreciation of his being can only increase.

  28. JMA689 says:

    It’s funny to notice that on the 3rd pic, Yoko’s head looks bigger than John’s…

  29. Guido says:

    Some of the comments here are just bizarre and bordering on obsessive. Sure, people have preferences but these “long distance” diagnoses from a society where being huge has become almost normal (“I am the walrus” – literally!) are just too much.

    How much are these prints going to sell for, I wonder.

  30. Jennifer says:

    You know, I used to believe this myth of John possibly being anorexic. However, after looking at photos of him when he was much younger, and even noting that he maintained a very thin physique throughout the 70s while he wasn’t macrobiotic, I’m going with him being naturally a thinner guy. Yes, he was VERY SKINNY in the later 70s/1980 time, but he also had a lifestyle change in terms of his strict way of eating. He was also quite mobile apparently, as he walked a lot and swam so I’m assuming he just didn’t consume as many/burned more calories and smoked cigarettes (bad) as well.

    I also noticed his mother, father, his sisters, aunts, cousins etc. were/are all pretty thin people. So it’s probably just a hereditary thing. I met Sean a few weeks ago and he was way tinier than I imagined him to be. Just much more narrow and slender all around. I believe we’re all just jumping to conclusions based on rumors and whatnot that were really originated by that moron Albert Goldman and his horrific book. Let’s love John for the beautiful things he brought us and not assume because he was so skinny it had to be something unnatural.

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