Princess Stephanie who posts here witnessed this appearance by the Ringbuster, and i believe she has a tale of Ringo’s exhibited Assholery.

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  1. princess stephanie says:

    28 Sep 1982, Chanel Ten Studios, North Ryde, Sydney. “Parkinson In Australia”, with guests Ringo Starr & Barbara Bach, & Glen Shorrock (former lead singer Little River Band)


    Yes, i witnessed Ringo’s one and only Australian TV interview and solo music performance in Australia.

    Ringo drummed on “Honey Dont” with Glen Shorrock, quite a good performance, all things considered.

    The interview, sadly, was not one of Ringo’s best. This was during his “wilderness” years, before he cleaned up his act/health/ substance abuse issues. It was obvious that Ringo was not “on planet Earth” during the interview. In fact, a few months later I met a leading Australian music identity, who was also at the taping, and met Ringo backstage that night in a private party, who expressed the same opinion.

    After the TV recording was over, me , my brother and a mate (all Beatle nerds then) (um, I still am) decided to run around to the front entrance in the hope of gaining a Beatle autograph. I had my Sgt Pepper limited edition LP and gold pen ready. No other fans there. No security. no one one else at all. Just the stretch limo waiting nearby for you know who. Sure enough, 30 mins later, emerged Ringo & Barbs, no security or minders. I remember calling out something like “Hi Ringo, any chance of an autograph please?”. His exact reply (I have never forgotten after 29 years):

    “sorry Boys, not tonight, I’m too hot”.

    mmm. too hot ?? to sign one autograph? Yeah Peace and Love to you too ringo (no, I didnt say that).

    My mate had written a note to Ringo and had managed to throw it in the back of the limo before they got in. Last we saw was Barbs picking up and reading the note as they were driven off…

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    hey, Steph…he probably didn’t want to breathe on you…
    (out of breath mints…peanuts work best)

  3. My name's Betty says:

    so what did the note say? that’s too bad though, but I’ve heard much worse of the boys and I love them anyhow.

  4. princess stephanie says:

    “the note you never wrote”. I can’t recall what my friend wrote. It would most likely have been something nice, he was a Beatles fan. Sadly no longer with us. R.I.P. Robert.

  5. princess stephanie says:

    @mnB: I wasn’t upset with Ringo that night, just a little disappointed. But I was thrilled that for the first time in my life I had been in the presence of a Beatle! I do love him also !!

  6. Wogew says:

    I thought he was great that night. I always loved it when he used come on a talk show, drink wine, steal the spotlight from the host and generally take over the show… There was a few of those.

  7. greg raymond says:

    He’s in pretty bad shape being interviewed by Tom Snyder ( see youtube)

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