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9 Responses to “RINGO AND GEORGE:”

  1. Don Percy says:

    Cheer up George…is it because Paulie is taking the video?

  2. J.R. Clark says:

    Grumpy Old Men.

  3. Joy says:

    What year is this photo taken? The reason I’m asking is that George looks very ill (I’m hoping it’s not 2001 or even worse 2001!)

  4. Michael says:

    They look similar to the way they looked in the later Anthology bits @ Friar Park. 1997-98?

  5. JD says:

    I’d place this as ’94 as they both look similar to the footage of them jamming with Paul on the Anthology extras disk to ‘Blue Moon Of Kentucky’ – I may well be wrong though..

  6. MarkZapp says:

    I would guess around 1994 also. By ’95 George had grown his hair very long.

  7. stephanie says:

    I agree, was 94. I dont think George looks ill here. His first cancer diagnosis was in 96 I believe.

  8. BeatleJim55 says:

    This was taken by Paul….I think it was the day they jammed at Henley on June 23,1994…George had his diagnosis in 1997…

  9. Joy says:

    A few of these post’s put my mind at ease regarding what year this picture was taken. Thank you all! I always dread looking at photos of George when he was starting to get ill because as we all know the outcome!

    Everyone have a wonderful day!


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