RICKY 4001:

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  1. d- says:

    Love the 76 shots of Paul on his tour. What a show that must have been.

  2. MarkPas says:

    The Rickenbacker here was the original from 1965…it was stripped down to no finish….the fingerboard has dots as compared to the ones after 1970 which had triangles…the R

  3. MarkPas says:

    (continuing) Rickenbacker fretboard being mahagony,,,Paul seems to have gone back to this in 1985 when he performed Listen what the Man Said….on a TV appearance in Britain. Unfortunately we havent seen it since…The Rick weighs much more then the Hofner….and can give u neck and back strain,,,from wearing it for long amounts of time.

  4. Markzapp says:

    Paul posed with his Rickenbacker on the cover of his 1987 greatest hits album “All The Best” and that was about the last we’ve seen of it.

  5. fred5 says:

    It can be seen sitting in his studio in the late 90’s and during Electric Arguments footage.

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