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  1. Mark says:

    You know, John would always tell people that he didn’t have any of his old guitars or Beatle stuff but, the truth is, John never parted with nothing. Period. John and Yoko owned several apts in the Dakota and one was used strictly for storage. In this storage apt was a treasure trove of Beatle stuff ! Amps, guitars, clothes everything ! I actually strummed this guitar once ! A friend worked at the rock n roll HOF. In the early ninties the had a big Beatle display and I got in early. Anyway, Paul is the same way. He still has everything he had from the early Beatle days. This is a tribute to Mal Evans. The Beatles’ loyal roadie and friend and employee. Mal, at one time, was almost fired for one of Johns guitar’s being stolen. After that he made sure, personally, that all equipment was under lock and key up until the day he delivered everything back to their homes after the final sessions.

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