Red Rose Speedway

Found a pretty recent photo of Paul and Heather with the legendary ‘Rose’ of Red Rose Speedway fame, Rose has been Pauls housekeeper since probably the late 1960’s and she has obviously become much more than that to the family, as i think Rose has been the main babysitter for the family as well, to this day Rose is always invited to all the Mckids fashion shows, exhibitions etc. I remember whenPaul was last here in Aussie i think i was more excited to see Rose walk out of the airport with Heather and James, than i was of seeing Paul!.

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  1. Me says:

    What a cool blog!
    I have only one request: since you seem to have such access to Beatle pics (those Abbey Road shots…I agree, there dont seem to be enough around) that I ask:
    Have you any close shots of Paul and his bass from the videotaping of “Paperback Writer” at EMI? Theres a certain shot I’ve searched for for years…

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