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5 Responses to “RED LOUNGE:”

  1. Joy says:

    Nice picture of George however wish he wasn’t ‘promoting’ MARLBORO cigarettes. I smoked that brand in my younger days and they were strong!
    However you’d all be proud of me I’ve been ‘smoke free’ since 1976!

  2. Pete F. says:

    Good on you Joy! Smoke free myself since 1993. Such a nasty habit that ends up KILLING YOU! Surprising to see kids still smoking today. I guess they haven’t lost someone near & dear yet…

    Sad to see now that in almost every other picture of George, he’s having one of his damn ‘ciggies’.

  3. BLJ says:

    I heard he was a chain smoker and had been smoking since he was around 15. The sad part of this is that so many people I know smoked and a lot of them have passed on. The ones who did not get lung cancer have other health issues due to smoking. It is easier get a drug addict to stop then it is to stop a smoker.

    Pete F., you are correct there are a awful lot of photos of George smoking.

  4. Markzapp says:

    What always surprises me is that possibly the most famous photo of the Beatles of all time(wearing their collarless jackets) features Paul smoking in it. I would have thought that Brian Epstein would have passed on using that one for so many things in 1963/4 considering that most of their fans were teenagers at that time. The 1984 and 1994 U.S. reissue picture sleeves of “I Want To Hold Your Hand” airbrushed the cigarette out of the photo.

  5. Markzapp says:

    Also the picture sleeve for “Real Love” airbrushed the cigarettes out of Ringo, John & Paul.

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