And so the great Rock and Roll Swindle continues, with the announcement that Apple are reissuing the Red and Blue cd’s in October remastered, YAAAAAAWWWWN, meanwhile numerous cool and worthy projects lie on the shelves at Apple HQ gathering dust, as the Fab’s and their company screw, and wring, more money out of the fan’s for mere morsels, kiss my pert sweet puckered ass Apple, you’re not getting a cent out of me for these suckers.

In an act of twisted self abuse, and to show that like some of our more unhinged, and somewhat unstable readers, i’m not immune to admitting my own extreme feelings, by awarding myself my very own DOUBLE ‘Angry of Mayfair’ award.

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  1. Rock Singer says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more …if you bought the remastered set all you have to do is put together your own red & blue CD’s and save the money for the Apple catalog that will be released in a few months from now.

    Badfinger w/ bonus tracks
    James Taylor Ditto
    Billy Preston Ditto
    Jackie Lomax Ditto
    Mary Hopkins Ditto

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Well, yes, but these compilations are directed at those who are not real fans and just want to have some of the “hits”. Those of us who have already purchased the original US vinyl LPs, the original UK vinyl LPs, the the UK black box mono vinyl LP set, the UK blue box stereo vinyl LP set, the UK blue box vinyl EP set, the UK blue box vinyl singles set, the original US CD releases, the remastered mono and stereo CD releases, and the ton of other stuff on vinyl from all over the world…, well, I think we can skip these planned releases and give up on having a “complete” collection. (Whew, did I really buy that much stuff!?)

    However, if these do well, I guess we’ll also be seeing Love Songs, Rock And Roll Music, Reel Music, 20 Greatest Hits, etc., but I don’t think we’ll ever see Hollywood Bowl given an official CD release.

  3. Brian says:

    “Round ’em up, put ’em in a field, and BOMB THE BASTARDS!”

    Yes definitely, those albums are the ones that the casual fans will buy, and that’s still a ton of people. Those records are massive sellers.

    But where’s the DVD of Let It Be? Time’s running out if they wanted a 40th anniversary tie-in… and a decent remaster of MMT too while you’re at it.

    Come back Mr Aspinall all is forgiven.

  4. stephanie says:

    agree with above comments. However George hated Let It Be, so I suspect it will never come out. remember, all four shareholders have to approve any release. Olivia would be respecting George’s wishes. However………Where oh where is a dvd collection of promo videos, movie clips, and live performances, …. can you think of any other major act, let alone iconic act, that hasn’t yet released such a dvd collection. Apple could even colourise, a few of the better quality B&W live clips (eg Munich, Melbourne, Hollywood Bowl……).The technology to do this, and do it exceptionally well (colour photos of most performances exist, on THIS BLOG!!! for reference) , has advanced enormously since the mid 90’s when All you Need Is Love was colourised . It would be a massive seller. Could be launched for 2012, 50 years since Love Me Do. Apple, do you hear us ???

  5. D- says:

    I think Apple wanted to release SOMETHING Beatles-ish this year, but didn’t want to release anything too big that would detract from the release this October of all those Apple CDs. And I think that was a smart move.

    I would love a DVD of all the promo videos, movie clips, live performances, too, but some people say, Well that’s what Beatles Anthology was for.

  6. viper says:

    I don’t think Apple is ripping off anyone by releasing the newly remastered Red & Blue collections. They aren’t forcing anyone to buy it! They are making it available to those who wants it, others need not buy.

  7. luis says:

    hi there
    I agree with you all
    bastards apple people
    to brain:Come back Mr Aspinall all is forgiven?
    Neil Aspinall died on march 24 2008

  8. viper says:

    “Bastards apple people”, I hope your not referring to Paul, Ringo and John’s and George’s family, because they are the Apple people!

  9. beatle55 says:

    i have a dvd bootleg copy of ” let it be ” that has the movie, black and white footage from the apple sessions, yellow submarine promo trailers, three versions of the ” lady madonna” promo film, and a couple versions of the ” hey jude” promo films. hows that fer ya ! most of it you can find on you tube. love, a friend.

  10. derek says:

    “BOMB THE BASTARDS!” was one of Kenny Everet’s catchphrases (the angry guy in the bowler hat and ladies underwear)–it’s a reference to him, not our Fabs.

  11. Don Percy says:

    Hmmm. Th Red and Blue ‘remasters’ of 1993 were a huge improvement on the 1987 CD’s (sound quality wise) and were done with a tasteful amount of ‘hiss reduction’ that allowed the music to be front and centre. Unfortunately, the 2009 remasters had virtually no noise reduction – and many of the tracks (such as those from Abbey Road) are worse for it. I fear, that the new Red and Blue will utilise the new remasters, which means that the hiss will be back. Oh well, I’ve got my copy!

  12. stephanie says:

    thanks beatle 55. im aware there are bootleg let it be dvds out there and on youtube. Ive got one also. Of course theres a gazillion bootleg DVD’s on bit torrent sites , many fans have put together excellent compilation DVD’s, the likes of which Apple will never match. However it would be nice if Apple could do a DVD music collection as I said above. Anthology is fantastic, but it was was it was, a detailed 10 hour history. We need just a music video collection. So overdue. Apple has the absolute best quality of material in their vaults. Its been 15 years since Anthology, more material has turned up. Video technology has advanced enormously. In the Love doucumentary DVD (2006) its quite clear the Strawberry Fields promo film (small bit was shown) was far superior in picture quality , to the version they used in Anthology, which at that time was the best ever seen. . Either they obtained the absolute master or used amazing clean up technology on the film. If that technology applied to all the other video treasures, plus some selective colourisation……. I shouldnt get my hopes up. But lets start a petition.

  13. beatle55 says:

    hey stephanie! i’m right with ya on the petition idea. love, a friend.

  14. beatle55 says:

    stepanie, the dvd i have has the apple logo on it even though it’s bootleg f.y.i. if anyone punches in winter of discontent beatles on you tube, there is plenty of outtakes from the let it be film. it also has the promo of get back from the glen campbell show. love, a friend.

  15. Simon Wells says:

    Apple’s and to be honest the Fabs and their cohorts inflexibility over their catalogue has allowed millions to fly away without them seeing a penny. By rights, the Beatles music should have been the first to go online – and in the process of ignoring it, I imagine several (if not tens) of millions has escaped. Equally, their film and video archive has been severely neglected.
    Never mind- in 2012 the Beatles music will go out of copyright and into public domain, meaning we all can release it!

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