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20 Responses to “REAL LOVE:”

  1. Don Percy says:

    I love the photos from this session – but I’m also saddened, can’t help but think what state we’ll all be in just 24 hours later…

  2. Pete F. says:

    The day of the darkest night

  3. Ishie says:

    Don & Peter … I love these photos as well but can’t help thinking “what if” they didn’t go to the studio or what if they went out for a bite to eat before going home that Monday evening … would .. have given up? I know that it’s useless to even think about that but sometimes I do. I think it’s because John was “back in the game” again, vibrant, happy and looking forward to the future. Yoko lost her husband, Julian & Sean their father & friends and fan’s lost a man of tremendous honesty. humor & talent.
    His memory, vision and love lives on! (Edited to remove the assholes name)

  4. lizzie says:

    i agree with you all. he looks so wonderful in those photos, but it’s impossible not to think of what happened later. i know two people who were there, outside, earlier that day – can you imagine how they feel? how they wish they could have done SOMETHING if they had any clue?

  5. Ishie says:

    Lizzie … I can’t imagine that at all. Paul Goresh, who took the photo of John signing **** LP must be haunted by it. It is still so overwhelming to grasp. Regardless of how odd he may have seemed, who would have thought that he was anything other than a fan wanting & waiting for a glimpse of John.
    I’ve read that the day prior to John’s murder, **** accosted James Taylor at the subway station at 72nd Street and rambled on about John Lennon but who would have thought that something like this would happen within 24 hours! (Edited to remove the assholes name)

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    the bliss before the storm…
    (the last streak from the Roman Candle)
    MDC was MKUltra…
    (there are machines that can make you hear voices)

  7. Nick says:

    “Day turned into night”

  8. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    It will always be bad.

  9. HoneyPie says:

    Yes, Lizzie, I understand your mixed feelings !
    I love these last pictures too. On one hand they make me happy because John looked so good, on the other hand they make me sad, knowing what is going to happen. If only I had a time machine…

  10. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for sharing this, it’s both incredibly haunting and sad and touching and sweet. <3

  11. Vitor Bastos says:

    Its painfull to think how good it would be if John wasnt murdered that day, December 9th would be just a normal day, not a world shocking day, next year, John would make a tour, a wolrd tour, playing a lot of awesome songs, just because of …. (Hi, sorry, edited out the name, i can’t stand to see it).

  12. greg raymond says:

    I agree with you all. Even folks who don’t know the story behind these p articular photos are saddened and a little disturbed by the photos when they learn the particulars (being the last photos,the little turd waiting outside, etc.) The ONLY real comfort is in the way John looks. In one word… HAPPY. He looks soooo happy. He looks like he feels good, he looks great, and he seems to radiate a sense of optimism for (of all things) the future. Try to take a little comfort in that my friends, otherwise I agree it is too painful. I’m actually sort of glad (perhaps glad isn’t the word) but I do appreciate the fact that if John had to leave this world that day that it wasn’t some long drawn out affair, that it was quick and he didn’t suffer any longer than he did. Hopefully at a certain point he didn’t feel much at all and simply went to sleep for the next several centuries. Sorry to be so long winded but as i’m sure many of you do i have many emotions and thoughts about dec. 8 1980. I hope you all don’t take these rambling thoughts the wrong way, just sayin’ I take just a little comfort in the happiness in their faces in these photos, and a lot ofcomfort in the fact that they WERE completely unaware of what would happen later that day.

  13. Cara says:

    Hey Greg… I hear ya! I take a lot of comfort knowing that John seemed very happy and contented when he left us. But at the same time, it makes it even more tragic in a way. I remember that time so well. As a John girl *I* was on such a high that fall… which made December 8th even more devastating of a jolt. But they did look beautiful in those Leibovitz photos, didn’t they?

  14. Kwai Chang says:

    I was content when the 8th was just Jim Morrison’s birthday…
    I am the lizard king…goo goo ga joob

  15. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    I was all happy that the Miami Dolphins were beating the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football on that fateful Dec 08, up to the point Howard Cosell made the announcement that someone thought to be John Lennon was shot in front of his Apt. The first part of Dec. will always be a very sad part of the year to me.

  16. greg raymond says:

    Thanks Cara, I agree they both look great, and Yoko seems to look better and better every time I see her. Yeah I remember that time well too. I was in the eigth grade and my friends and I were constantly going on about how great Watching the Wheels was, I was actually watching the show Taxi when it was interrupted by the news.

  17. Vince says:

    Look at how contended John and Yoko look. John looks so great with haircut. I still can’t and never will be able to take in what should never have happened hours later.

  18. Ishie says:

    John & Yoko had come a long way, as individuals and as a couple. They were together, strong in their love for one another and optimistic that their time had come. As Greg mentioned, perhaps we can find some solace in knowing that.
    John’s life was taken suddenly, without warning, yet miraculously just 2 months before he gave us the gift of ‘Double Fantasy’ letting us know that he’s okay, he “survived the 70’s” and was excited about the future. Although his death is still hard to comprehend, we can palpate his contentment. He had come full circle and with the grace of God, Krishna, Buddha or whoever one believes in, he rests in a peaceful place.

  19. A different Jennifer says:

    These pictures are in a word STUNNING. But also rather depressing. John looks amazing though, and I want to focus on that and the happiness in these pics. Even if it was to last but a short while…

  20. lizzie says:

    because of the time difference, i only found out the next morning, very early, around 6:00am. total disbelief. it couldn’t be, but it was. a few days later we had the vigil, and a couple of days after that i was in salvador, bahia singing onstage (i was a back-up singer for joyce, a major brazilian singer/songwriter) and i remember singing joyful songs with tears rolling down my face. my friend went to new york and asked me to go with him. i didn’t really feel like going. it was an awful time.

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