Queen mary party.

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  1. any other pics of Paul Linda & George from this party that are floating around?

    didnt know Mal was at this one. nice.

  2. Michael says:

    How happy Linda looks to see Paul and George together. Nice!

  3. Kwai Chang says:

    I was just listening to an interview Mal did. It’s the only one I’ve ever heard. I only just found it two days ago. Very enlightening. He was a real Beatle FAN!

  4. Brian says:

    George must have been standing on something. Looks a lot taller than Macca

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    Any identities on Mal’s friends?

  6. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    The guy in the middle is Jimmy Webb, Kwai

  7. Hitachi says:

    Jimmy Webb LOL.. sorta close. It’s actually Paul Williams. No idea who the woman is though.

  8. Kwai Chang says:

    (Thank you, Car)

    I was really uncomfortable about that guy in the middle. I was only seeing Paul Williams. However, I have NEVER seen Paul Williams with black hair.

    Nevertheless, I was quite comfortable with the person on the right. Beautiful posture! I hope that is Mal’s girlfriend. The perm is forgivable…

  9. Nick_L says:

    Definitely Jimmy Webb

  10. Nick D. says:

    No way that’s Paul Williams…Sorry.

  11. Yeh, that’s Jimmy. Was hoping there would be a ton of photos from this party in the new deluxe Venus and Mars, alas, nothing.

  12. MarkZapp says:

    Every photo I ever saw from this party of George & Paul together you could barely see George’s face. I only saw a handful of them.

  13. MarkZapp says:

    Was this March 1975?

  14. GLCompany says:

    March 24

  15. mcarp555 says:

    My first thought was the young woman was Janis Ian, but on second thought, no.

  16. Hitachi says:

    Now that I’ve seen a giant version of this pic I have to agree that its not Paul Williams but from a distance it sure looked like him. I’ve never seen a earlyish pic of Jimmy Webb without a beard so didn’t recognise him at all. Another funny thing, back in 1973/74 one of the music mags said that John Lennon was best man at Jimmy Webb’s Wedding!! I checked with May Pang and she said a definite “no”. Maybe it was Paul instead?? lol

  17. Bill C says:

    George is saying – wait- that dentist just put LSD in your drink !

  18. I wonder if that’s Mals girlfriend who called the cops leading to his shooting :-/

  19. Dan says:

    Definitely Jimmy Webb.

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