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9 Responses to “PYTHON:”

  1. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    Too cool to be forgotten!
    “Thank Your Lucky Stars” TV rehearsals, Teddington, July 11th 1964.

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    I dreamed I saw St. Augestine
    (I don’t believe in Elvis…but, Dylan might)


    “Zimmer down, NOW!”

  3. Jorge says:

    Giving us the Roy Orbison bit! Fantastic

  4. Michael says:

    How ’bout that tab collar? Those were the days…

  5. alex of da bronx says:

    Coolest guy in the world.

  6. mcarp555 says:

    You can try Liam, but you’ll never touch this…

  7. Keith Bratley says:

    He looks like he could be auditioning for the Rolling Stones.

  8. Alex of the Bronx says:

    I think the Stones were always auditioning trying to be him.

  9. Alex of the Bronx says:

    Actually this pix reminds me of the 1980 pix of John sitting on the studio couch with his arms behind his head.

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