I can’t remember the last time on this blog i felt so strongly about a product, that i recomended it. However such is my joy at the above dvd, i feel duty bound to scream about it from the rooftops. I haven’t been given a free copy, or asked to promote this, i had to pony up the coin like everyone.

Believe me when i say if you’re a fan of McCartney and Wings, and particulally of the RAM album, you have to get this dvd. A crack group of musicians play the RAM album in it’s entirety, and then round off with a swag of solo songs played perfectly. I’m now up to my sixth viewing, which is five more times than i’ve watched Pauls ‘Back in the US’ dvd :-)

I came away from watching ‘Pure McCartney’ with a renewed respect for Pauls genius as a song writer, and arranger. I now have a new favorite Paul solo song, ‘Dear Boy’, i never really appreciated it until seeing it performed here.

You can view a Youtube clip HERE.

And order the dvd HERE.

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10 Responses to “PURE MCCARTNEY:”

  1. Louise says:

    Thanks for the tip. This looks great. But how could you not appreciate Dear Boy? It’s gorgeous. And it’s absolutely wonderful to see Paul’s brilliant Ram album get the respect it always deserved.

  2. stephanie says:

    I agree 100% with Ms Tammy’s endoresement. a Brilliant DVD, totally engrossing concert, a very talented bunch of musicians…. :)

  3. Marty says:

    Boy, I’d love to have this but SO expensive !!!

  4. Tammy says:

    It’s worth every single cent i spent on it, as i say, i’ve played it a whole lot more than most of Pauls official dvds :-)

  5. SĂșni says:

    This was a “one night only” show, and all the musicians did it just because they are huge fans af McCartney and this album in particular. And the result of that is that the hole band is just radiating out how much fun they are having. I’ll challenge anyone to come up with a perfomance where the band is looking like having as much fun as these guys.

    Worth every penny!

  6. Claus Moth says:

    Havent bought the dvd yet, but I listen to the album all the time. Love love love Tom Christensen :) :) :)

  7. Hanne Hansen says:

    Absolutely a masterpiece! The perfect show! Bought the CD and vinyl set!
    And I didn’t know RAM before this …

    Best danish music production in 2013

  9. Tammy says:

    Best music production ANYWHERE in 2013 :-)

  10. oobu says:

    I haven’t watched the dvd yet but I have listened to the cd. You are right…it is really good! I wish Paul would do at least a FEW of these songs.

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