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16 Responses to “PROFILE:”

  1. Lizzie says:

    i can say no more… please say no more!

  2. Lizzie says:

    especially for my friends in this blog who speak quoting phrases from help… i know i’m not the only one!

  3. Markzapp says:

    Has nobody checked the wash basin?

  4. Vin says:

    Take this hastily scribbled note, hastily …

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    I’ll vouch for her (Lizzie)…we’re very close…
    PS- Pounds, Shillings, Pence = L.S.D. (John was a Sterling man)

  6. Mark Pas says:

    You’ve got the part Paul,,,,,

  7. Pete F. says:

    We’re not going there…
    Where are we going then?
    Never you mind!

  8. Bryan says:

    As he looks over his glasses, to Paul, “It’s only me, you know…”.

  9. Kwai Chang says:

    Even from this angle, I know that ‘look’: John is ‘Blazing’!
    (off camera Paul, George and Ringo are saying:
    “John, luv, don’t hide it…divide it”)

  10. Since 1963 says:

    The zillion mile stare.

  11. Lizzie says:

    i feel much better now! if i’m a loonie, i have company! me and a few of my friends just LOVE talking to each other using all those phrases… his brain’s draining…

  12. Vin says:

    Many of my fave lines, that I like to repeat at appropriate moments, are Klang’s and his sidekick’s: “It’s cold! It’s a cold place.” “Hey, Be-attle! You shall have fun.” “Go – to – the – window!”

    And the Nassau police chief introducing his men: “PC17 … PC39 … PC643 … ” etc.

    “I need protection.” “And you shall have it – get me protection.”

    “Jeweller, you’ve failed.”

    Hilarious film that never gets old.

  13. Kwai Chang says:

    Kwai ‘Klang’ says:
    “Boys, are you buzzing”?
    John replies “No thanks, I’ve got the car”.

  14. Pete F. says:

    Vin’s post made me laugh. Being from Canada, where it’s currently -34C/-29F (brrrr) I too regularly say “It’s a cold place.” :-)

    Another line I like to use when the occasion presents itself is John’s reply to the inspector in the pub scene:

    [cue the enormous tiger] Good lord it’s Rahja, the famous Bengal man-eater who escaped from the London zoo this morning. Don’t worry, he’s absolutely harmless. All you have to do is sing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy from the famous 9th Symphony in D minor.

    [cue John] Of course! What didn’t you think of that you twit?


  15. Mary says:

    That sounds nothing like Cagney.

  16. kth says:

    It’s too bad John hated “Help!”. I personally think it was a great movie.

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