Hi everyone, and happy new year. I’ve been a little thin on the ground, as i explained it’s summer here in Australia, and i took a short break away. Unfortunatley something has happened, and for just a little while I’ll have to hit the pause button on the Beatle Photo Blog, while i rearrange my priorities.

This isn’t one of those examples you see on blogs, ‘I’ll be back soon’, or, ‘Just taking a short break’ and you never see them again, I still love my photo’s, the blog, and the people here, so it’s not a matter of that.

Sometimes in life things come along that require, and deserve our undivided attention, this is one of those times.

Check back when you can, i’ll be back here posting before too long.

Greg xoxo

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  1. Since 1963 says:

    Good for you. I hope Paul comes to his senses and wants to meet with you this time. Let us know how the concert is, won’t you?

  2. Vin says:

    Wow, Lizzie, I’m amazed you can get a ticket at such short notice. Have a fab gear time!

  3. Ishie says:

    Lizzie …. “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

    Enjoy the concert ….


  4. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Go for it , we are only passing through this life once, at this point you don’t want to look back and say ” I should have “. Have a blast and say hi to Paul for me.
    I am going to take my two sons to see Ringo and his allstars in June.
    I love the fact that Paul won’t play in the same places Ringo does in the same year so he doesn’t step on his toes.
    Love to all
    Alex of the Bronx.
    How are ya, Tammy ?

  5. Ishie says:

    Alex … I’ll be seeing Ringo in CT (June 17th). His shows are filled with great musicians, great music, sing-along-songs and the time just flies by.

    I hope you & your boys have a n enjoyable evening together!

    Regards ….

  6. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Hi Ishie,
    It seems you are going to see Ringo on Sunday and we are going on the following Friday (6/22) . I hope you have a wonderful time also.
    Nice knowing you are right up I-95 from me. Ha Ha !!

  7. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Back to my Band On The Run question regarding John involvement or not. To try to pinpoint where he would have recorded his part with Pauly, wouldn’t you think it would have to be here in the states somewhere. Think about it, it would have been sometime in 1973 when the song/album would have been recorded, John would have been stuck here in the states because of his immigration problems, no ?
    Never heard anything about Band ON The Run being recorded here in the U.S.A.

  8. Sara says:

    I have been on holiday (as the British say) and haven’t been keeping up with emails or posts. Plus my computer has a virus and it has been a mess. It was nice to “catch up” with you all just now. Lizzie: I appreciate all you do for us fans. It upsets me like you wouldn’t believe that another fan is getting worked up over her stories. I guess she has decided to keep her photos and memories to herself and let them die when she is gone. That really is upsetting. I appreciate how generous you have always been with your things.

    I hope all of you who are seeing Paul and/or Ringo have a blast! Neither one is performing near me (yet again this year). Scream an extra one for me.

  9. lizzie says:

    hi everyone! just came back from my weekly duty of clearing out my friend’s apartment for her 83-year-old mother. sad to be there when she’s not anymore, but i don’t feel bad in there – she must be at peace… now i have to organize some stuff and pack for tomorrow. it’s cold down there, so i had to gather some winter stuff. i am super excited, i can’t believe i’m going to see paul at a “small” venue… i’ll sing and dance and scream on behalf of you all, i promise! love & hugs. thanks for your kind words, sara.

  10. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Hi All,
    Back to my previous hit about whether John sang on the song Band On The Run or not. Since Kwaii was so kind as to list locations of the recordings for us, then from a time standpoint it is probably not likely John sang on the tune and it is just a rumour, I am basing this on the fact that Kwaii has stated the recordings were done in Nigeria and Abbey Road . I know that this all happened sometime in 1973 and at that time wouldn’t have John been stuck in the good ole USA because of his immigration problems ? So unless Paul flew across and did some recording for Band On The Run in the U.S. I don’t think there is any truth to the story John is on the album.
    See what happens when we work together.
    Love from Da Bronx

  11. Kwai Chang says:

    (well, just to stir the pot):
    Timingwise, I think Paul had too much to prove and a far superior commercial advantage to let John near the Band On The Run album.

  12. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    I can go along with that Kwai, especially if you consider what a great Plastic Ono Band song Pauly does with Let Me Roll It.
    Time wise again 1973, besides all the love and peace etc. you can’t tell me they weren’t pissed at one another with all the How Do You Sleep and Ram cover and all the other B.S. that went down between them .
    Talk about a Rumble in the Jungle. ( That was roughly the same time period also, to think about it )

  13. Johnny Silver says:

    talk about secrets that would’ve been impossible to keep. if john had recorded with paul in ’73, that would’ve come out a long time ago. geoff emerick or may pang – just to name 2 – would’ve seen to it. :)

  14. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    I believe it was May Pangs first book “Loving John ” where I first read about John supposing to go down to New Orleans (man) to record with Paul during the Venus and Mars sessions. She said nothing about Band On The Run though.
    Can’t remember where I heard the Band On The Run story though.
    This is practically 50 yrs of this stuff I try to remember

  15. Pete F. says:

    Lizzie must be at Paul’s concert about now. I’m sure she’ll have a blast. Wouldn’t it be great if somehow Paul knew she was there and acknowledged her. I mean after all, an original “Abbey Road scruff” from the Sgt. Pepper days *and* one of the voices on Across The Universe? He should call her up on stage and give her a BIG HUG!!

    Hi Greg, hope you are well.

  16. Johnny Silver says:

    good call alex, i get clusterf*cked on these dates at times.

  17. bibi says:

    lizzie, I hope you’re having a FAB time seeing Paul!!! So excited for you seeing Paul in a smaller venue!!!

  18. j0j0 says:

    “I can’t remember anything without a sadness
    So deep that it hardly becomes known to me”

    John Lennon

    These words always seemed to sum it up for me when I’m feeling a loss,


  19. Cara says:

    @Kwai ~ I agree with what you’re saying, but I often yearn for a bit of the Lennon touch on that album. After all, if John had been around, “the jailer man and Sailor Sam” would’ve been axed for much cooler lyrics!

  20. anonymoustill says:

    :- ( Wow… I’m away since just before Xmas and came here expecting to catch up on months of great Beatle pics. What happened? Is Greg OK? I read the short piece he left with his last post but it really doesn’t explain much. Regardless, hope all is well and if not, hope it will be ASAP. And “hello” to everyone out there in Pepperland…

  21. Ishie says:

    I thought of Lizzie yesterday and hoped that she was having the time of her life at Paul’s show. I’ve seen Paul twice, once in a stadium in the late 80’s and the second time in a 16,000 seat arena. The indoor arena show seemed more intimate than the stadium but being a fan, I’ll see Paul anywhere!
    I hope everyone is well … best regards to all!

  22. Aeolian Cadence says:

    I’m still processing here. “Paul” + “I wasn’t in love with him” = does not compute. Regardless, I hope you had a splendid time at the concert, Lizzie.

  23. lizzie says:

    hi everyone! concert was totally fab, i got to the 2nd row next to the stage, center, and sang and screamed in the pouring rain for hours with old and new beatle friends. on the way there me and my 2 friends met several other fans and we talked beatles on the plane for 1:30 hours non-stop. everyone wanted their picture with me, and when we got to the baggage claim more people were there so i posed and hugged a bunch of strangers who i told to add me on facebook. i stayed in town until today, to meet friends that live there. this afternoon at the airport a young man approached me and we talked for ages and took pictures. it’s always such a pleasure to see how much love our boys have spread over the world. here in brazil it seems the younger generation is totally bananas over them, there’s soooo many teenagers at the concerts! but for me, there’s a DEEP sadness of not being able to speak to him… i look at his face, i got my binoculars on and focused on his eyes and said to myself “i know that man” and as the years go by i find it gets harder and harder to get anywhere near him. the last time i spoke with him was in indianapolis, in 1990. pete f., i love what you wrote, but then you woke up. only in dreams something like that will happen. the brazilians will NEVER let me get anywhere near him, i can assure you that. (and there’s talks of him coming back next years for more concerts in rio, são paulo and belo horizonte) thank you bibi and ishie. and aeolian, you have to understand i was DEEPLY in love with john and i am very faithful to my fantasies. as much as i love paul, i was never in love with him nor wished he was mine or anything like that (but i obviously wouldn’t have kicked him out of my bed if such a situation ever came about… sex with a hot guy is not something you can easily say no to… not if you are a hot blooded brazilian girl). not that he wasn’t a gorgeous, sexy guy at 24, when i first saw him – he certainly was – but i was a john gal, what can i do? all my loving, my dear friends!!! so happy to have our lovely miss tammy back!!!

  24. bibi says:

    WOW, have I missed a lot!!! So happy to see you posting again Miss Tammy and boy, were you missed! My heart hurts to read what you’ve been through and no doubt, continue to go through but I am relieved to read your posts and see you going through the motions of getting back into the stream of your life. Know that my thoughts are with you and that I continue to send you strength and good vibes ala West Coast style. Big hugs to you XOX

  25. bibi says:

    Lizzie, So pleased to read that you had a wonderful time at the Paul concert but sad for you that times just are not what they were and that you couldn’t get close to him! I’m sure that if he knew you were there it might be different. I can imagine how difficult it must be to see him in such a different way than what you remember – bitter sweet evening I suppose but FAB all the same!

  26. bibi says:

    Lizzie, by the way, thank you for your last post and updating all of us on how the concert was for you!

  27. bibi says:

    Greg, Thank you for all the AMAZING new photos, honesty, I don’t know HOW you find this stuff!!! Now I’m going to strain my eyes and take in all the new wonderful pics.

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