Press conference 1965.

I wonder who took these photos?. My all time dream for this blog, is that every person who took the photos could tell the story behind each one. Imagine that, you can’t have photographed The Beatles, and not have a great story behind it.

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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Bob Eubanks(host of Newlywed Game/DJ KRLA)

  2. WTF? looks like a couple fans brought up an enlarged dead beetle to give to the lads as a gift? a touching, heartfelt gesture that is.

  3. Jorge says:

    That’s right Johnny Silver……Help indeed

  4. give john credit for having the patience to not chuck that thing into the trash post haste. they had to stand up there at those pressers and pretend to enjoy some of those awful gifts from fans. no wonder they wanted to quit touring.

    iirc a fan gave george a Rickenbacker during the ’66 tour. now THAT was cool.

  5. I never even noticed that piss weak piniata in Johns hands, Hahaha :-)

  6. mcarp555 says:

    Wasn’t a fan, Johnny, it was a radio station (WDGY in Minneapolis, actually). And John was given a Guild 12 string on the Autumn ’66 tour as well (in NYC) by the son of the owner of Guild at the time.

  7. 36012 says:

    Is that a beetle? I thought it a cockroach.

  8. Looking at those pics made me think of Lizzie. She probably saw alot of fans give them some crazy gifts back then :-)

  9. Lizzie says:

    Hi johnny silver! I don’t remember any crazy gifts… I remember knitted goods (my friend made Paul a sweater, my other friend made him a woolen scarf, I made Yoko a white crochet shawl, I made John a very long bright orange crochet scarf and some baby items when Yoko was pregnant), my other friend gave Paul a shirt, a pair of yellow socks and a yellow/gold shiny tie in June of 67 (unless he had two, we believe it’s the one he used on his wedding day and also at the premiere of Yellow Submarine), a friend from Brazil gave George two different necklaces, one of which he wore with a denim jacket during Magical Mystery Tour, Denise and I gave John and Paul Brazilian records and several necklaces. I gave John a white tie, which I shall never know if he ever wore… We used to give them flowers, chocolate, someone I know gave Paul a bottle of wine – stuff like that, none of it too crazy between 67 and 69 while I was there. I guess it was crazier during touring because fans needed to stand out. In our case, we just hand-delivered the gifts to each one of them. I just remembered I had baby clothes for Paul and Linda when Mary was born. And I bought several things for Julian: lollipops, chocolate, a toy trumpet (it was beautiful, John must have loved me for that… give a 5-year-old a toy trumpet and wake the entire of Weybridge up!), I believe I also had a gift for when Jason was born. See, a simple two line question gets a huge answer from me… I have to learn to write less! Have a good day everyone. I’m – you guessed it – working on the book. We’re in June of 69, I leave in October. Getting there.

  10. hi Lizzie, thank you! you crack me up when you say you’re long winded. No not at all, your stories are great!

    you said your friend gave paul yellow socks…wonder if those are the ones he’s wearing during one of the ’69 photo sessions

  11. Lizzie says:

    johnny silver – my friend and I have talked about it, she said they do look like the socks she gave him, but… what if he had other similar pairs? We shall never know the answer! I am on double duty here: cleaning the apartment and scanning images for the book!

  12. Lizzie, if those yellow socks caught anyone’s attention at that photo shoot it probably would have been John. He once said Paul would often do something unusual to draw attention to himself during photo sessions (barefoot on AR cover, etc).

  13. Lizzie says:

    Makes sense, johnny silver!

  14. MarkC says:

    First person stories are priceless. You WERE there.

  15. not understanding. a minneapolis radio station and a california radio station at the same presser?

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