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14 Responses to “PORTRAIT:”

  1. BLJ says:

    Love this George portrait

  2. Jorge says:

    Excellent pic

  3. Louise says:

    That’s some serious 80’s mullet hair.

  4. Vitor Bastos says:

    He was a beatiful man, I love him so much

  5. Joy says:

    Oh thank you so much for this ever-so-gorgeous picture of him! He truly is a one-in-a-million – there will never be anyone like GEORGE HARRISON ever!!!!


  6. mcarp555 says:

    Was this the Rolling Stone cover shoot when the photogs wife tried to cajole George into smiling by saying, “Oh come on; don’t you want to be on the cover?”? And then he got all “Beatley” on her?

  7. Pete F. says:

    Very nice portrait indeed.

    What’s that story about the RS cover shoot?

  8. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    That sounds right mcarp 555. Georgy got all over her like a cheap suit,

  9. Pete F. says:

    OK I don’t know about this, now I need to know… someone please share :-)

  10. mcarp555 says:

    As I recall the story, the photographer was working with George, who was looking his usual serious self. The wife then made the comment I’ve noted above, and George, who was always trying to put his past behind him, was quite able to (as the book I read this in said), “suddenly re-appear as one of the most famous men in the world” (or words to that effect). He pointedly fixed the wife with a gaze and told her she couldn’t imagine just how little that meant to him.

    And this was with a reporter from ‘Rolling Stone’ in attendance. He began to slink towards the exit in case any fire came his way, only to be chased down the hall by George. Who commented that he wasn’t trying to get a dig in about ‘Rolling Stone’, but that he (George) had been there, done that, big deal.

    I believe the wife was suitably chastised. I apologize for not remembering where the story can be found; obviously a ‘RS’ tribute book or issue that came out after George passed away. It might even have been the article that accompanied the cover shoot, which would have been for “Cloud Nine”.

  11. Pete F. says:

    Funny story, thanks for that mcarp555. Well deserved for the wife, saying something like that to a Beatle, especially George.

  12. Ishie says:

    Good for George.
    Throughout his life he & his bandmates sat for countless photographers and always took it in their stride and it seems that it exactly what George attempted to do here (good for him).
    I recall Pattie Boyd saying that when she saw George on the set of ‘AHDN’ she instantly thought that he was the most beautiful man that she had ever seen. That beauty (interior & exterior) speaks volume to a camera. He had a presence and that it what makes a great photo!

  13. BLJ says:

    It has been 11 years today since George has departed from this Material World. He is greatly missed. May he R.I.P

  14. maria.m says:

    greatly missed, dearest george

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