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7 Responses to “PIERRE CARDIN SUIT:”

  1. Reynolds says:

    WRONG! It is not a real Pierre Cardin suit. It is a design copied from a Pierre Cardin suit made by a british taylor.

  2. cacau says:

    It is not a Pierre Cardin, but George Harrison is a top model! Amazing!

  3. James says:

    Another Gem of a picture

  4. Ishie says:

    George as I will always remember him!

  5. BLJ says:

    Cutie pie :)

  6. SM says:

    The first suits were Pierre Cardin suits purchased from my father at the Smart Weston’s store in St. Ann’s Sq. The Beatles were brought over from the Granada TV studios a few blocks away. This was ’62/’63 (my sister was born in ’63 and we left the UK shortly after to come to Canada).

    Reynolds is correct that the ones used for Album covers and promo shots were knock-offs, because they wanted different colours that weren’t available from Pierre Cardin at the time.

  7. Style Guy says:

    It’s not entirely correct to say that the Millings suits that the Beatles wore from 1963 onwards were “knock-offs”. Cardin most certainly designed the first “cylinder” suit in 1960, but the ones that Brian Epstein commissioned were designed specifically for the band with a number of purpose-designed elements. Subtle double vents in the back to allow for movement on stage, bell cuffs instead of the shorter Cardin stovepipes (guitar players don’t wear cufflinks) a deeper oval of the collar to show more of the shirt, three buttons instead of five, pants that features an unheard-of bold taper, slash pockets instead of patch (patches catch on guitars and cords) and – the key to The Beatles “look” – black piping at the pockets and around the edges of the torso panels.

    Other small changes were strictly for comfort – replacing the cordoroy with a very fine mohair blend, for instance – but the visually obvious differences between the 1960 Cardin suits and the 1963 DA Millings & Son suits were necessary for the band to successfully wear them on stage. These weren’t “knock-offs”, they were commissioned originals based on a by-then popular look with features specifically requested by the band.

    Interestingly, I have never seen a photo or footage of the Beatles in Cardin suits. The Cardin jackets ALWAYS had 5 buttons, so they are easy to spot. If anyone knows a source for visual confirmation that they wore the Cardins before switching to their own design, I would love to see it.

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