The first: This girl is the first fan shown during the first Ed Sullivan performance, for that reason alone she is a legend.

Swishy hair girl:

Generic fence girls:

Melty girl: This girl is having a total melt down, i wish i were able to capture the image of her eyes fluttering.

Mums in control: This is funny, in this footage the girls are out of control, but mum has a handle on it and reaches into her handbag pulling out all sorts of mum things to help out, hankies, tissues etc etc.

Fainty girl:

Dame Edna girl: I wonder if the cop ever recovered from his perforated ear drum?

Miss Prissy:

Tongue girls: I have saved the best till last, these two girls are classics, they were in the audience for the first Ed Sullivan show, as if that wasnt legendary enough they also have the distinction for the first recorded ‘fan lustings’ towards the Fabs, in the first photo this girls eyes are all glazed over and before you know it her tongue is sliding out and extending to almost super human lengths, an added bonus is when the light catches the braces on her teeth to bedazzle us.

A relatively conservative tongue extension by the lassie in the left of this photo, especially after the almost lizard-esque effort of her friend in the previous photo, the cool thing in watching this footage is realising that both tongue manouvers were independant of each other, neither realised the other was licking the chops.

The bizzare thing is, as far as i know not one of these fans has ever come forward and told there story, i wish they would.

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  1. Marnie Drew says:

    Hahahah yeah i love that footage!! I wonder what beatle they were licking up??

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