Datey, or Chip .. help Miss Tammy out here, i’ve licked up one too many shrooms in my time, and i’m constatanly in a state of memory prolapse, or more precisley ‘Date prolapse’, i used to be able to see a pic and date it without question, but i think after the photo overload i’ve had it’s getting harder to be precise. What’s the story with John in Japan in 1970, there are pics where he has a full beard, then others, in fact footage from the original ‘Imagine’ movie from 1971, where he and Yoko are at a shrine and he’s clean shaven?. Chip, hurry up and get your book done! :-)

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  1. Juan says:

    Hi! I found this website and definitely think that those photos are from Japan 1970.

    In the remixed/remastered Plastic Ono Band, there are some photos of John and Yoko sporting overalls. The original cover of Power to the People probably was taken around the same time, and I reckon, even before the cover photo of John’s Rolling Stone interview. He’s got a beard as well but his hair seems to be a bit shorter.
    Hope this helps!

    PS. LOVE you blog!!

  2. A Car And a Room And A Room And A Room says:

    Hi Tam, Chip is the research expert on solo Lennon but as far as I’m aware they were in Japan throughout Jan 1971 after spending Xmas at Tittenhurst. Could John have shaved his beard while they were there? Or were those scenes during ‘Oh My Love’ sequence shot at a later date/location? Over to Chip…

  3. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Power to the people

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