In a gracious interview with the UK Guardian published Saturday, Yoko Ono thanked Paul McCartney for his comments that she wasn’t responsible for the breakup of the Beatles.

“I thought people knew that I was not responsible, but surprisingly, many people still felt that. He was very brave. So I’d like to say ‘Thank you, Paul. I love you, we love you,’

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  1. Kevin says:

    She didn’t discourage the breakup either…..

  2. Jody says:

    I didn’t discourage the breakup either…

  3. Louise says:

    The only thing that irritated me about this story was the way the media acted like Paul had never said this before. He’s been saying for years that Yoko wasn’t to blame, that John wanted to leave the band, that the Eastman/Klein dispute caused conflict, yada yada yada.

    But people need a villain in the Beatles story and it’s always either Yoko, Linda, or Paul. In comments about Paul and Yoko’s quotes, I saw some people insisting that “Yoko WAS the cause; Paul must want something from her.” I saw others saying “I knew it. It was Linda and her family.” And still others attacking Paul saying things like “why didn’t he say this earlier?” Um, he did. For years.

    Beatles fans just won’t let it go. But it sure looks like Paul and Yoko have. About ‘fricken time.

  4. Ishie says:

    Regardless of any encouragement or discouragement, the band, although making phenomenal music together had come to a crossroad in their professional & personal lives. The break-up was inevitable and I don’t know what or who could have saved them from it. They carried on as solo artists and continued on with musical gems that satisfied.
    What really matters after all this time is the incredible legacy they left. There will never be another band that will turn the world of music around as they did and aren’t we lucky for that!

  5. bill c. says:

    Is it possible that she saved his life ?
    Maybe after the death of his mother, the death of Stu the death of Brian, the ‘bigger than Jesus’ thing, the unhappy marriage, and the deteriorating relationships of the band, etc, etc and his drift towards heroin, maybe Yoko was the only reason he didn’t become a late ’60’s casualty, (like Jimi, Janis and Morrison. )
    Maybe she is to ‘blame’ for the 12 years of joy he found with her.
    “if I ain’t dead already, girl you know the reason why”

  6. Erin says:

    I also didn’t understand why this got so much press; it’s hardly like Paul said it for the first time. Personally, I’m not a Yoko fan, but I am very glad there’s peace in Beatleland.

  7. Kevin says:

    Caption under Photo;

    “Daddy, is that the mean dragon-lady you said broke up The Beatles?”

  8. Kwai Chang says:

    Did they really break-up?
    (Yesterday’s release of the vinyl remasters box @$320.00 says…”they’re still here”)

  9. Fred says:

    Old age dilutes memories and muffles true feelings. Of course Yoko was at least partially the cause of the split. To deny that is to live in fairyland. Peace is nice, but not at the cost of truth. Mick got it right when asked: ‘women getting in the way’.

  10. Delaware Dave says:

    Lets face it, it came down to…guys don’t take their woman to work, and vice-versa. We have all seen the footage in “Let It Be” of Yoko not only sitting around with the four Beatles, but also making comments like, “oh, why don’t you try this?” Are you KIDDING me? How did they get that far without her?? She did not belong in the studio at all, and that was because of John’s lack of balls to tell her, period. Where were Linda, Patti and Maureen? Exactly. Did Yoko break up the Beatles? No, but she contributed to it. Re-writing history does not alter the truth. Paul is being a kindly old gentleman, nothing wrong with that now, is there? After all, she has suffered enough.

  11. Cara says:

    Sorry, Fred, but I do not live in Fairyland… and neither do the millions who think like me that Yoko was not the cause. John’s relationship with her, however, was more like a symptom. ☮

  12. stephanie says:

    @cara, agree.

    Nothing irritates me more than people (fans?) who think they know better about Beatle history, than the Beatles themselves.

  13. Kwai Chang says:

    That’s a good one…and it only hurts when I laugh.
    I thought everyone knew that there are only four versions of Beatle history that can be quoted as credible. Otherwise, the story could get messy.

  14. nick says:

    Yoko-Keeper of the flame/privy purse.

  15. Fred says:

    Hey now girls, don’t get tetchy (if ‘nothing irritates you more’, Steph, you lead a very good life).

    The makers of history are rarely the best interpreters of it. Face the truth: Yoko got in the way, she was insensitive to others around her and she was occasionally a caustic force. What Paul & George felt about her at the time was real. (I’d be surprised if, deep down, Paul doesn’t still feel the same way today.)

    Don’t be fooled, guys, by the pleasant platitudes given to the media today. While others were to blame (in differing degrees), to deny Yoko’s contribution to the split is to deny truth. And John never liked that.

  16. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    Hypothetical situation but if before Yoko arrived in John’s life, a besotted George decided to bring Pattie to every recording session or business meeting I doubt very much John would have sat by and tolerated it.

  17. Louise says:

    “Face the truth: Yoko got in the way, she was insensitive to others around her and she was occasionally a caustic force.”

    Then the blame for that is on JOHN. Not Yoko. She was only there in the studio because HE wanted her to be there. He wanted out of the band, and he used Yoko as a tool to get him out of it. Men always seem to blame a woman for a man’s own poor decision making (just look at how the women in the General Petraeus scandal are getting more vicious press than the general).

    Being men, Paul and George blamed Yoko — at the time — because it was easier to blame the “other woman,” the outsider, than to blame the one who was really mucking up the works: John.

    Perhaps it’s you, Fred, who needs to “face the truth.”

  18. Susan says:

    Louise, you make a lot of sense – it always is cherchez la femme isn’t it?

    And if there’s one Beatle wife John would have been ok with in the studio, it would probably have been Patti lol

  19. Delaware Dave says:

    I just thought…maybe this will make it easier for Paul to finally have Yoko change some of those songs to “McCartney-Lennon…?” Nah….

  20. Fred says:

    Now, now girls – no need to band together! Though it IS fun, isn’t it?

    If you read my message carefully, you would have noticed that I said that she was partially to blame. Sorry, ladies, but women sometimes do contribute to the break-up of male bands (the male partners of The Bangles may have had a similar effect, for all I know!).

    Yes, John wanted her there. But that’s not the issue. She jammed, she made strong suggestions about the music and she was invariably in the way. Stop turning her into a victimised saint – she ain’t.

    Now, back to Patti…

  21. stephanie says:

    Fred, you are entitled to your opinion about Beatle history, as is anyone here. But your opening line is chauvinistic and patronising.

    You are deluded if you believe “the pleasant platitides given to the media” are just that, pleasant platitudes, and not real. So, met and spoken to both Paul and Yoko, have you? ascertained from direct experience the nature of their present day relationship and friendship, and over the past last ten years? no? I didnt think so.

    Everyone knows Paul and Yoko have had their disagreemets over the years. But genuine fans know that Paul and Yoko and their families, and the Beatle families generally, have forged a genuine, sincere friendship and closeness over many years now. I judge a person as i find them now, not over some thing said or done 42 years ago.

  22. Fred says:

    Patronising, moi? And chauvinistic..? Surely not.

    Easy labels, Stephanie. And I am neither.

    Now back to the subject matter. I thought your reply was a good one, if a little vitriolic (what’s a ‘genuine fan’ by the way?). I am not denying that a thawing, or even a rapprochement, has occurred. Some of the greatest combatants in history have become friends in their later years as their fading relevance brings them closer.

    All I am saying is that it should not therefore be construed that the sentiments of the time were incorrect or misplaced. As I said before, the passing of many years dulls the senses and sweetens the memories.

    Maybe it’s better that way for those who actually lived it. But it’s not history, at least for this genuine fan.

  23. Tammy says:

    A photo i post of John with Peter Boyle (rare as all get go) gets two comments, a pic of Paul and Yoko gets twenty two (scratches head, while i’m in the mood i’ll have a nudge around my ass too).

    Some may have noticed the ‘vibe’ of the blog is one of ‘niceness’, celebrating the joy and happiness of the Fabs, i’m not deluded, i know the pragmatic realities that must suround a giant organisation .. a buisness if you will, of The Beatles, but without trying i find SO much negativity surrounding the Fabs, and something that should be joyfull. Next time an article is posted on line, in the Daily Mail concerning Paul for instance, inevitably there is a shit storm of negative, inane comments that follow, on his aging, on his hair, on his voice, and it’s just for the sake of being negative, and any negativity sent out into the universe does add a little shit stain to the kaleidoscope of life.

    I let the comments run pretty freely here, the only things i really delete are things like the name of *He who shall not be mentioned* ..

    It’s just my own personal ‘thang’, to celebrate, and highlight family, friendship, ‘Niceness’ (to quote Dame Edna), redemption, forgiveness, brotherhood, sisterhood etc. When it comes in the form of Beatles, all the better.

    What would you rather see, a photo of James out with Dhani’s wife Sólveig, and read that Paul made the speech at hers and Dhani’s wedding, or a heinous photo of ‘The Loon’, which would get a lot more comments, but none of them ‘nice’.

    Anyhoo .. just musing, carry on chattering, and i’ll carry on posting things i think redresses some balance (however infantisimal) in this all too angry world.

  24. Tammy says:

    @Fred, this photo isn’t about history, it’s about now.

    If you want a glimpse into what, and who, Paul really thinks had a major influence in the Beatles trouble, seek out the new Frost interview with Paul, his contempt, and anger at Klein is palpable, almost punching an ipad.

  25. Delaware Dave says:

    I agree, Tammy, I’ve seen the interview and how amazing it is after all these years that Allen Klein should even be a topic of conversation- negative as it is. He was not a nice guy, plain and simple. Paul was no dummy then, nor now; he knew what Klein was up to and how it would forever put a wedge between their “family.” How sad. Yoko was just part of that atmosphere at the time, too bad for her. However, the other Fab’s viewed Lee Eastman in the same way, so they were doomed, doomed I tell you (in my best Dr. Smith voice…)

  26. Tammy says:

    I’ll see you a Dr Smith ‘Doomed’, and raise you my best Dr Smith squeal .. with a bonus clutching of Will to my boosom.

  27. Jeannette says:

    About *He who shall not be mentioned*, do you mean a certain SHE? Or is that correct for the He? I did see AK’s name mentioned in one of the post- could it be HM (Paul’s 2nd wife)?or MDC? Or MA (George’s stabber)? Just wondering…

  28. Tammy says:

    She is ‘The Loon’, you are correct about the other two.

  29. Nick says:

    Peoples! Play nice in the playpen!!! Love……:)

  30. Louise says:

    “Paul made the speech at hers and Dhani’s wedding.”

    Really? That is so cool. I hadn’t read that.

    And Tammy, I know what you mean about the negativity. I read a recent Daily Mail story about the top selling singles of all time, and Imagine was one of them. Someone posted an incredibly nasty comment about John with all the usual vitriol and it got like 700 green arrows. The Daily Mail did a story about Yoko not long ago and there were 300-plus comments — nearly ALL of them nasty. And yes, Paul gets ripped to shreds on a regular basis.

    And the band’s own fans are just as nasty sometimes. It’s amazing how angry some John fans get at Paul and some Paul fans get at John.

    Bizarre that a band that sang about love generates SO much hostility.

  31. Chris says:

    I like Yoko. She was very kind to me a few times. But in my humble opinion she was the strongest influence of the break up of the Beatles. First there was Ringo leaving the group during the White Album. He came back fast enough. Then George walked off the Let It Be sessions. It’s obvious George wanted out. But even George was willing to work things out later on. Was John there during the recording of Something? No. Where was he. He was with Yoko, Julian and Kyoko in Scotland. How many photos do you see of John with the Beatles during the recording of Abbey Road? Hardly none. A majority of it was of George and Paul, some with Ringo. There are photos of John with the band but not many at all. John was recording with Yoko non stop. John did concerts with Yoko. John asked for the divorce. Yes, Paul’s law suite against the other three because of Allen Klein contributed to the bad will and break up. But it was John who broke the band up. You hardly ever see such a strong influence from a woman on a man’s life as Yoko had with John. I’m not putting her down for it. It was their business. But for us to sit back and let Paul or anyone else revise history by saying Yoko was not the number 1 contributor in the break up of The Beatles is just astounding!!!!

  32. yesiamize says:

    @Chris. I agree

  33. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    Delaware Dave I believe your first post is on the money and I also think Louise makes sense also. It must have been tough on the 3 Beatles with Yoko around from the White Album onward . John was in a bad state at that time it seems from all the constant tripping to Yoko and onto Heroin surprised he didn’t totally flip out. George was sick and tired it seems of being in the band and was enjoying playing outside the band. Klein was definitely a big part of the breakup. Didn’t even George Martin take an extended vacation during the White Album cause he couldn’t take it no more, I believe Geoff Emerick actually quit also no ?
    Ever think they broke up because they didn’t know what else to do. It must have been very tough being the first biggest and best band of all time. If it was today they would have taken a few years off without saying anything and then get back together like everyone else does today, eg Stones Van Halen Police etc. They had no precedent to follow it seems. I don’t believe Yoko helped the situation though.
    My two cents from Da Bronx

  34. Kwai Chang says:

    All I could see was dust flying and furniture flying and Allen Klein’s name flying so I decided to stand way far away…because Klein was a bully and a shmuck. Just research what he put Alejandro Jodorowsky through over El Topo and The Holy Mountain. Absolute torture! And according to A.J. it was all because he “saw Klein eating a greasy pork sandwich while staring into the grounds of the orphanage he grew up in”…That is still no reason to physically bury the negatives of both movies until the point of celluloid damage. We barely got those movies back and none too early. Klein died shortly after they finally patched it up.

  35. Chris says:

    Speaking of Allen Klein, I waited two years to run into a NJ Beatle Fan acquaintance to tell him Allen Klein came from NJ. We would always talk about the Beatles whenever I ran into him at parties. For two years I kept on thinking I can’t wait to tell this person about Allen Klein’s NJ roots. So, I finally run into this person at a party and tell him. I get home and find out Allen Klein died!!!

  36. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    So Chris, you killed him !!!! HAHA !!

  37. Chris says:

    Oh that’s so wrong Alex! LOL

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