Paul wants us to dance down the stairs.

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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Those stairs were a total liability…non-compliant with building code/legal specs. Handrails would’ve only helped those on the outside edges.
    Steep enough for a magical avalanche.
    Your blueprints should know…
    About those black flowers…reserve all you’ve got on hand.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Great caption!

  3. MarkC says:

    I don’t want the black carnation

  4. Alex of Bronx says:

    Good one MarkC

  5. Michael says:

    I won’t play at all, if he doesn’t want me to. What ever it is that will please him… I’ll do it!

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    Only 1 rule in mountain climbing…
    (don’t fall)
    I think the Python ‘street climbing’ skit should have preluded the stairs…

  7. stephenmcg says:

    Re the black flower,Paul claims there was no red left but hold (“hold ?”)hes given a bunch of red flowers as they stop the song,he wanted to be different.
    And Kwai as it was 2 years after how could the street climbing sketch get in there?
    and yes great caption,GH does look perturbed by something(he cant finish its lyrics,ha).

  8. Kwai Chang says:

    If it was 2 years after MMT that Monty Python presented its Street Climbers sketch, then, it was still December 26, 1967 when Do Not Adjust Your Set made its broadcast debut. Since 3 Pythons were cast members…and The Bonzo Dog Band performed a song on each episode(DNAYS)…I think I’ll order some Eggs & Kevin Bacon.
    I would have settled for John leaping up on stage…stealing Vivian’s microphone…then, pleading “Please, sir…have you got a nail file? Paul wants us to dance down those stairs”.
    Scene ends as John recites Big Shot(from Gorilla) to Viv.
    Fade to ‘black'(carnation).
    …but, the street climbing scene would have fit better.
    Tie me emu down sport…boom-boom-a-rang

  9. maria.m says:

    Lizzie, i agree: great caption! Dearest George&Ringo, if there’s anything i’ve watched, and would watch 1000 times over and over again, then you all dancing down the stairs, literally gorgeous, lovely etc

  10. Chris says:

    Hysterical caption! Look at George’s face! LOL

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