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10 Responses to “PAUL BY GEORGE HURREL:”

  1. BLJ says:

    Best picture of Paul ever.

  2. Kathy says:

    His hair ruins the photo. I hated his hair at that time.

  3. nick_L says:

    the 80’s have a lot of things to answer for

  4. Dave says:

    oh…the 80’s….

  5. 1001Songs says:

    This is just about as close as Billy Joel and Paul McCartney ever got to looking like eachother.

  6. BLJ says:

    @1001Songs- Billy Joel? I don’t think so

  7. yesiamize says:

    I don’t like the short hair.

  8. Chris says:

    Much to pretty to be a man. 😉

  9. Masa says:

    I think Paul looks like Sylvester Stallone when it is young.

  10. MarkZapp says:

    Too feminine!

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