Paul and Steve. L.A, April 1974.

With thanks to Etcetera.

Please go to Facebook, however, if you search for: “VENUS AND MARS ( 1975 ) — Paul McCartney & Wings”, you should find a few amazing Macca pages hosted by Etcetera.

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  1. Etcetera says:

    Search my Facebook pages :

    Venus and Mars – Paul McCartney & Wings

    At The Speed Of Sound – Paul McCartney & Wings

    Tug Of War – Paul McCartney

    Pipes Of Peace – Paul McCartney

    You are welcome with a warm pleasure ….And if you want to participate, you’re welcome too , if it’s about the topic

    Thanks, Tammy : wonderful blog

    Long live to the aussie Beatles & Macca fans


  2. Nick D. says:

    Ben has amazing images! Check them out!

  3. alf says:

    could you narrow it down a little bit ? ……where at man ?

  4. As Etcetera says, just go to Facebook, and in the search field type in, or copy and paste, ‘Venus and Mars – Paul McCartney & Wings’ etc :-)

  5. Harold says:

    This was taken at Johns Santa Monica House 1974.

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