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  1. JAMES says:

    get that hair sorted Paul man!your looking like Cliff Richards auntie!

  2. sec says:

    Does Nancy adhere to the ‘no leather’ rule? Is that a synthetic material on her feet?

  3. Julia says:

    Oh, Paul. PLEASE stop dyeing your hair – we won’t hate you for ageing gracefully!

  4. Chris says:

    I said hello to Nancy at Paul’s concert. :)

  5. hey you says:

    @chris, what’d she say to you?

  6. Brian says:

    I like his color!

  7. D- says:

    I wish would go gray, too, but I’m learning to let it be. It’s his hair. Plus it’s annoying how people keep haranguing him about it. Ringo’s hair is obviously dyed too. But I never hear people going after Ringo for that.

  8. A different Jennifer says:

    Ringo looks fairly fantastic with his hair. 😉

  9. D- says:

    Sorry I disagree. Ringo’s hair looks way too dark — especially at the pictures I just saw of him at the Mojo magazine award. And that’s not the point. If you’re going to bitch at Paul about his dyed hair, then bitch at Ringo and Yoko because they ALL dye their hair.

  10. James says:

    I love those blue sneakers he is wearing. Anyone able to identify what type those are?

  11. Jim says:

    He’s just trying not to look like he’s his girlfriend’s father.

  12. JAMES says:

    I think the fact he was a beatle and as cool as it could get for sometime just opens him up to being laughed at a bit over the hair dye, its looks silly, you just think what a naff thing to have your hair coloured and primped the way he does. yeah Ringo does it, yeah yoko does it but its still daft, but pauls is the daftest of them all Im afaid, if he has a stylist he’d probably sack her for suggesting otherwise, to me its the price he pays for fame really, over all hes still ok, hes pretty unneffected in many ways and I applaud him for that, his real weak spot is his hair, if he could sort it and think as if hes older but wisre hed be onto it, but like many his vanity is getting in the way, getting old in the public eye cant be easy and I actually think he does it in the grand tradition of showbiz really, looking as he might think how the public want him to look for the gigs, to me he just looks daft…why not a nice purple rinse anyway? poor old dear..

  13. JAMES says:

    ..anyway hairy Krisna!

  14. Louise says:

    His girlfriend is 51. Granted she looks like a young 51 but she’s no youngster.

  15. hey you says:

    HAIRY krishna indeed my friend! ha.

  16. A different Jennifer says:

    @ D: calm down. I’m sorry if I don’t agree with you and your love of Paul’s hair. It looks awful to me. My friends think he wears a wig because it looks that unnatural and lifeless. I don’t go that far, but really you don’t have to say I was “bitching” because I don’t even care that much.

    I do like Yoko’s hair. She’s older than Paul and Ringo and looks their age or younger. Her hair is hip and suits her. Ringo also looks really great and youthful. He doesn’t carry himself like most 70 year old men and I happen to like his hair.

    Really, it’s not worth getting so touchy over. If you love Paul’s hair than that’s all that matters- and of course if he likes it then no one’s opinion really makes a difference. :)

  17. D- says:

    If it’s not worth getting touchy about, Jennifer, why are you going ON and ON about it. Ringo doesn’t look any more normal with his obviously dyed hair than Paul. I’ve seen great photos of both and I”ve seen awful photos of both.

    I’m just tired of people focusing on Paul. And they only do that because Paul was always “the cute one” and certain nasty people get a vicarious thrill out of pointing out that he’s aged (shocker). I think if you’ve got something snotty to say about someone else’s hair, you should keep it to yourself, just like you would if your colleague came into the office with a hairstyle you didn’t like.

  18. A different Jennifer says:

    @ D: this is a forum, “keep it to yourself” isn’t going to happen. I’m sure YOU have voiced your feelings of like/dislike about whatever aspect of one of the Beatles you don’t particularly like as well. I know because I’ve read some of your posts. :)

    I won’t go on and on about it anymore. It’s not that interesting and I’ve never really been moved by Paul’s looks one way or another so I’m rather neutral. There are FAR worse examples of aging in the world of rock and roll than Macca.

  19. Jim says:

    His girlfriend is young enough to be his daughter and she looks like his daughter because of the age difference. It’s true, 51 isn’t young. But most 51 year old women don’t date elderly guys.

  20. JAMES says:

    Couldnt resist re naming a few old ditties in honour of Pauls hair!

    1.We can wash it out
    2.Im brown
    3.Dye tripper
    4.Eight shades a week
    5.Eleanor wigby
    6.Good day hairshine
    7.Strawberry highlights forever
    8.Old brown hairdo
    9.Here, there and everywhere (lets face it really is lately!)
    10.Fixing a Hold
    11.Happiness is a warm rinse
    12.You cant dye That
    13.Here comes the sunsilk
    14.I’ll be black
    14.I’ll dye instead
    15.Dye in the life

    better stop there!Im in enough trouble as it is!ha!

  21. JAMES says:

    …sorry folks but couldnt resist Pauls biggie..Live and let dye!..Im sure he’d understand!

  22. JAMES says:

    Ive just realised what a genuis Paul is, he’d already seen the future and wrote that song especially for all those who doubted his true beatledom wisdom!

  23. Louise says:

    Jim: What planet are you on? I know plenty of 50 year old women dating men who are 60 or 70. It’s entirely normal and common. Paul is 69 and Nancy is 51. Perhaps you could get off that judgmental mountain you’re sitting atop and realize that YOU are the one with the hang-up. I know couples who are 10 years difference in age, 15 years, and 20 years, and they’re no more or less happy than couples of the same age. There’s no formula for love. People need to stop being so uptight about age.

    And Paul looks good. He’s happy. She’s happy. Sheesh. This thread is like a bunch of middle school girls, picking on someone’s looks. Pretty pathetic.

  24. JAMES says:

    Hey Lousie Im sorry if its a bit silly, I suppose it is really, Pauls a great guy for sure, but the hair I believe is evidence of primitive life forms existing off the energy fields of former Beatles, I mean come on, if thats not a multi layered, cyborg cling on from galaxy warp 9 I’ll eat my cheese and pickle sandwich..and Ive got a dairy allergy!

  25. Louise says:

    James: Ha! Seriously, you gave me my laugh for the day. Thanks.

  26. JAMES says:

    A pleasure Louise, nice to read everything here, serious and fun, its a nice little place to escape to, have fun!

  27. Jim says:

    Paul’s hair doesn’t bother me. But when an elderly, jowly guy who can’t hit the high notes anymore keeps going out and doing the same act he was doing when he was young and people complain about his hair, that’s funny. Louise, if a lot of middle age women have Daddy complexes, that’s not normal. That’s a lot of middle age women with Daddy complexes.

  28. Louise says:

    Jim: You sound like such an old crab. And your comments are ridiculous.

    1. The New York critics don’t go easy on anyone and McCartney got absolutely GLOWING reviews from all of them for the 2 shows he just did at Yankee stadium. They ALL said the same thing: He puts on an amazing show at 69. Heck even the Village Voice raved about his show, and they’ve never been particularly Paul friendly. So what do you know? Nothing.

    2. Daddy complexes? Again, what are you talking about? Few kids become fathers at 18. And that is the age difference between Paul and Nancy.

  29. Louise says:

    The average age at which an American man becomes a father is 29, and in Europe it’s 32.

    So if Nancy was 40, you might have a point. But she isn’t, so you don’t. And even if she was 40, what does her age have to do with whether she and Paul love each other. You sound like one of those judgmental commenters from the Daily Mail.

  30. Jim says:

    I saw Paul on SNL and he was terrible, horrendously bad. I’ve heard his live shows from the past few years and his voice is gone. He’s traveling around the country with another band of hacks and he gets great reviews by who? The TImes? LOL For how long has the TIMES been a barometer for what’s relevant in rock? Now, as far as the age difference goes, you’ve got a page of posters here who’re going on and on about his hair looking terrible. Yet you’re not knocking them for being judgmental and that’s an irrelevant dig anyway so long as he puts himself out there on stage that way. If he didn’t, you might have a case. But under the circumstances you don’t. Everyone knows he surrounds himself with sycophants. Likely some of them work at the TIMES. Maybe if he didn’t he wouldn’t have made Give My Regards to Broad Street. All the hair comment prove she looks like his kid. Give it up.

  31. Tammy says:

    Ixnay on the bickeray, do you think i’m going to be splitting hairs about Paul’s hairs?, you all know me, the wilder Paul goes with his hair the better, you know how trashy i am, i shant rest until Paul has his hair back combed, and teased into a boufant that would have ‘Joylene Thornbird Hairmouth*’ falling to her knee’s in awe.

    * Google her.

  32. Louise says:

    Jim: I get it. You don’t like Paul. Whatever. But your snarking at Paul’s voice is just dumb. Obviously his voice at 69 isn’t what it was at 20. Duh. No one goes to his shows expecting 25-year-old Paul. Yet he still puts on an incredible show, and it’s just churlish on your part to suggest otherwise. Twitter is filled with thousands and thousands of posts from people who’ve seen him play in the last 2 years and came away from his concerts amazed. And then there’s you — an anonymous troll.

    And no, it’s not just the New York Times who raved about his Yankee stadium gig. It’s EVERY SINGLE REVIEWER who wrote about his New York performances. His show was praised by the Village Voice, Newsday, the Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, NY Daily News, NY Post, and countless bloggers who covered the concert.

    Seriously, do your homework before spouting nonsense.

  33. Louise says:

    One other thought, Jim, on the SNL thing before I leave this topic: I saw it, too, and thought both he and the band sounded off. So what? I saw a video of Ringo performing with Paul a year or so ago for some fund raiser. Ringo sang a few songs and sounded really awful. Does that mean Ringo should stop performing? No. He just had an off night.

    I hate to break it to you, but singers all have off nights. The Beatles in their prime had off nights.

  34. stephanie says:

    @ Louise: with you 100%.

    @Jim: as such a Paul hater why did you bother visiting this blog?

  35. JAMES says:

    Hey Jim whats up? get out there and play some music, if Paul has a younger girlfriend/relationship why not? good luck too him!music can make you feel better man, know matter how well it comes out, dont you get it that Paul is an amazing inspirational guy who’s done enough in his musical life to justify the odd “bad night”. As everyone here is saying, if you’d just listen, it doesnt matter, WE ALL LOVE THE GUY! (thats why we visit the forum too!) at his age what would you expect?be thankful he’s still around, Ringo too! but still he/they give themselves to the public and fans, the silly stuff I say about Pauls hair is still with love and fun, Paul has love in his heart!!..maybe its time you did too!..Hairy krisna!

  36. JAMES says:

    …flaming hell…sorry I mean pie!haha!

  37. Brian says:

    “Dear Diary:
    Got up. Went out. Came back. Had prolonged fight on internet about Paul McCartney’s hair. Went to bed early. Still feel rather hollow.”

  38. JAMES says:

    You sound like a miserable old bugger Brian, enjoy the forum for a bit of fun and Beatle banter, its like being in a pub sometimes, plenty of beer going around and the beatles on the jukebox!you just appear to be the guy in the corner moaning about the state of the beer mats…haha!cheer up!

  39. Brian says:

    A pub where you sit alone in your home typing about an old man’s hairdo. Live the dream cowboy.

  40. JAMES says:

    your probabaly on the justin Beiber photoblog too!Rock on Tommy!

  41. D- says:

    Ha. So Brian is criticizing people for spending time on the Web debating Paul’s hair, yet Brian doesn’t see the irony of his own repeated presence on this same thread. Pot? Meet kettle.

  42. stephanie says:

    oooh I love this forum. some of the above comments absolutely spot on, and crack me up laughing…..

  43. Sue says:

    Nancy is a well-known fan of Botox. Maybe if she wasn’t a user she would look less like Paul’s daughter and more like his to-be wife. At least Paul is honest about his aging for the most part–the jowls are flyin’, the lines and wrinkles are there. But on the positive side he does have the ass of a 20 year old, he has more stamina onstage and joy in life than most blokes a third his age, and he’s Paul Effen’ McCartney…so there. He can do whatever he wants (or doesn’t want) to his hair. I don’t think the world at large is ready for an all-grey Beatle anyway. And Paul with neat hair just isn’t “him” either. Study the photos of him through the decades posted on this wonderful blog and note that the “Rat’s Nest” pics outnumber the “sorted hair” pics by three to one. His natural state is “the mess”.

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