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19 Responses to “PATTI IN SYDNEY 2009:”

  1. BeatleMark says:

    Patti stills looks good! 100% MILF!!!

  2. markzapp says:

    Well, actually, at her age she would be a GILF! (grandmother.. etc….) By the way have you ever noticed how many guys named Mark are Beatles freaks? It’s scary!

  3. BeatleMark says:

    Yeah, well GILF or not, I’d still dance the horizontal mambo with her.

  4. Brian says:

    Patti – you look great!!

    We all miss George….

  5. bibi says:

    Agreed, Patti does look sensational AND I really like her photographs. I hope to see them in person some day. Hope they have a showing somewhere that I can attend.

  6. Anonymous says:

    She actually never had kids, but she’s still gorgeous!! She’s my favorite muse of the sixties by far. She exudes so much beauty and kindness, and I admire her for her ability to stay strong through such sadness and appreciating all the love and wonderful experiences brought through such pain. I also love her photography, she has true talent!

  7. jimmmmybrady says:

    Her book was astonishing,I’ve been a Beatles fan for years and had no idea what an interesting story Patti had even apart from the legend.

  8. dingdong says:

    Did you take this photo by yourself ?

  9. Tammy says:

    No, i didnt take this one, i did take one at the Fleetwood Mac conert however.

  10. Mariana says:

    I hope your next update is huge. It’s taking too long :(

  11. Greg says:


    Dont worry .. you’ll be slammed with updates soon, i’m away on summer holidays and just cant get the time till i’m back next week, stand by for for a big big update.


  12. Shaaron says:

    I agree with Mariana, we miss you !!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I agree!! I’m having a huge picture site withdrawal!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Also, I just re-read the comments and would it be possible for you to post the picture you took of Pattie at the Fleetwood Mac concert? I would love to see it!! Thanks!

  15. jOjO says:

    Hey, is this site broken? Ever since it went Broadway it’s gone no way!

    PLEASE I need a FIX MAN

  16. claudia antunes says:

    Where is you, Tammy?

  17. What in the world happened to you?
    I’m looking forward to see your next picture.
    Please come back!

  18. Harold says:

    Meeting Pattie in San Francisco a few back was a highlight in my life. My locker at school in 1964-66 was covered (inside) with pix of her! I think I may have even of had one of Jane Asher up in there as well.
    In 1964-65 it wasn’t cool for guys to have Beatle pictures up or the other guys would think your gay! Funny it all changed by 1966. many girls began to abandoned the Beatles for the Monkees. If you went to a Beatles concert in 1966 the male fans presence became more exposed. We thought they were “tough” and great musicians. It was a grand era. I am still insane over all things Beatles 1966 North American tour!!!
    I have a growing collection of postcards and artifacts from their Hotels and venues.

  19. jniml4 says:

    I met her in Chicago, and she was warm, gracious, sweet and really funny. She has an aura around her, yet she is totally humble and down to earth. More than one person told her how nervious they were, and she said, things like “No need to be. I bet I’m much more nervous than you are!” She and her assistant Ginny were terrific, even postponing Pattie’s interview on stage until every person in line got to speak with her and get a photo taken with her/autograph from her. I really can’t rave enough. She took an awesome pic of Ringo with his hands over Buddha’s eyes and she said she did all the photography in one of his tour books. They are still quite close, and he stores her vintage 60’s clothes at his house, as they are neighbors. Thought that was cute.

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