A cool painting of Paul, dunno who the artist is.

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  1. Brian Kelly says:

    The artist is Eric Cash, a Dallas-based artist who is perhaps the best Beatles artist around. He painted “The Introduction” which recreates the first meeting of John Lennon and Paul McCartney in St. Peter’s Church Hall. As there were no cameras present, the painting is the closest we’ll ever have to seeing what that historical moment was like. A print of the painting itself now hangs in the St. Peters Church Hall at the invitation of the church.

  2. Randy Krone says:

    You’re right Brian…this painting is Eric’s and the story you tell of his painting The Introduction is spot on. I was in Liverpool in March and had the pleasure of going in the St. Peter’s Church Hall and seeing the print hanging only steps from the spot where John and Paul met. Everyone affiliated with the church seemed quite proud to have it.
    The painting of Paul that is shown on the blog and “The Introduction” are only a couple of examples of Eric’s work. He sets up at The Fest For Beatles Fans in Chicago (less than two weeks away) and New Jersey and all his other Beatles work can be viewed and ordered on his website

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