The last of these photo’s really captures George for me, that wry laconic grin .. the smile of someone who has seen a lot but still remains hopefull for the world, as with John and Linda we were cheated big time with Georges early passing, to see these three age and become wiser and more experienced and through their art share their amazing insights and observations would have been one of the greatest gifts to the world, just look at what each of them had to say before their premature passing, John was only forty! just imagine what these guy’s and Linda could have come up with if they were allowed to become crusty old codgers sitting around taking in the world and all it’s happenings.

2 Responses to “OUR SWEET GEORGE:”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So sad it’s true three people,each of them fascinating in their own way!
    Rest all in peace!

  2. Chelsea says:

    I’ve long believed that George would’ve been a kick-ass old man … super cynical and funny (but in a kind-hearted way, always), just puddling around in his garden and playing an acoustic guitar. Alas ….

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