10 Responses to “OTHER CELEBS:”

  1. Kevin says:

    #2 – “To let it be or to not to let it be; THAT is the question”………

  2. KTH says:

    Whose the man with Yoko?

  3. Nick D. says:

    Looks like Fred Astair from the Imagine movie.

  4. stephanie says:

    No 4: Peggy Lee ? lover…lets be in love with each other…..

  5. Ishie says:

    #4 … correct. “Let’s Love” (1974) arranged, produced & written by Paul as a gift to Peggy Lee.

  6. Jan B says:

    On the second photo are Fabs with Sir Laurence Olivier, right?

  7. Ishie says:

    Jan B … July 1964, Night of a Hundred Stars headlining the evening Sir Laurence Olivier, Judy Garland & The Beatles.

  8. alex of da bronx says:

    From what I read, John was always very cruel to Judy Garland whenever they were together. Especially if he had a few drinks in him. God, can you imagine getting your nuts busted by a 24 -25 yr old Lennon after a few drinks ?

  9. Kevin says:

    No.2 – Something is rotten in Liverpool……

  10. mcarp555 says:

    #1 – “John, remember Hamburg? Remember that scene?”

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