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  1. Chris says:

    Why? But then again, why not?

  2. georgiesflower says:

    It breaks my heart how skinny he was… poor thing! It was probably because of the drugs…

  3. BLJ says:

    Gosh, he was thin, he makes George look fat.

  4. Markzapp says:

    He looked fine. Thank you for your music, John!

  5. Grace says:

    Ugh, give me “Fat Elvis” John any day of the week. He looks like a skeleton. It makes me sad to see him that skinny. That’s just not natural. It made him look so much older than he was.

  6. Alice says:

    I can hardly bear to look at the last photos of John. He looked just like my uncle when he was in the last stages of cancer.

  7. stephanie says:

    Enough already about John’s appearance. He was healthy! End of story.

    Move on people, show respect for the man. Hes been gone almost 30 years, don’t you think its kinda pointless to be speculating about his health now.

    John himself said, in 1980, in various interviews (1) he was healthy and happy (2) clean, no drugs for years (3) followed healthy macrobiotic diet (based on legumes, grains, vegetables, fish , bread etc.

    As I said in a earlier post, and at the risk of offending , at least 60% of americans, and australians, are overweight, obese or fat. We have “normalised” fat in our affluent western societies, to the extent that we have lost perspective on what a healthy body weight really is/should look like.

    John was not anorexic, not skeletal. Slim, yes. low body fat %, yes. But thats healthy. Id estimate he had about 8% to 10% body fat, which is healthy! Elite athletes aim for 5% or less, its just that athletes build muscle, so we all admire them for looking amazing, with their low body fat %, and muscle. The key difference with John was he didnt have much muscle, so big deal. Did that mean he was unhealthy or anorexic? NO!! Hypocritical. Muscle only relevant if you are an athlete or body builder.

  8. Ishie says:

    In 1980, when photos were first released to promote ‘Double Fantasy’ and to announce J&Y’s entry back to the music world, I thought that he was lankier than I ever remembered seeing him … he was ‘reed thin’. Why, I don’t know but he was also enthusiastic, positve & energized to be in the studio creating & writing music again. When listening to some of the interviews during that period, his excitement is plapable. That in itself was wonderfl to hear and that’s what I’ll remember!

  9. d- says:

    I guess they needed to take these pictures to prove they were having sex? I don’t get it. And I’m just glad Paul, George, and Ringo didn’t release photos of themselves having sex with their wives. Then again, why would they?

  10. Erik says:

    I believe John was definitely happy and HEALTHY during this time. The most he had been in years. That said, I personally think John looks better with more weight on him, that’s all. Just a personal preference ; btw I’m an American and not overweight so guess I’m part of that 40% :-)

  11. Sonia says:

    I’ll rather be fat than stick thin, besides food is delicious..

  12. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures. They are my all-time favorites of JohnandYoko. : )

  13. Rmacca says:

    He was anorexic.
    It was with the help of drugs but he also was far from happy. I cant believe how blind people are, truly. Breaks my heart how misunderstood he was by the masses.
    There is lots of proof from family and friends in books and interviews and John’s own words, sorry to burst the bubble (Media Hype) in 1979 he talked about how unhappy he was. Talking about jumping out of his hotel window is not a sign of true happiness. He struggled was his moods and was not getting along with Yoko.

    His sister Julia, Cynthia, and his cousin said he was planning on escaping Yoko and moving back to England.

  14. Alpha Bitch says:

    This is only speculation on my part but a couple that feels they must artfully display their lovemaking to the world might very well not actually be doing all that much of same in private.

    Painfully thin, I’d say, rather gaunt even. And he doesn’t look all that healthy. Definitely not glowing and there seems to be at least a little quiet desperation.

  15. Steve says:

    Fab pop star that he is, these don’t make pleasant viewing.

    Did John even live to see this footage? Makes me wonder if he wouldn’t have had this dry-humping footage destroyed like he had the videos of the double fantasy jams destroyed, because he didn’t like how he looked.

  16. Tammy says:

    I know anorexic’s and John was not that, he was eating a healthy diet, he’s very very slim, but not anorexic. I dont know who Julia or Cyn would have this insight that John was leaving Yoko, considering John had had no contact whatsoever with Julia since 1976, and Cyn probably even before that.

  17. Rick says:

    If John had weighed 200-plus pounds and had an Elvis gut when he was murdered I wonder if we body critics would be passing harsher judgment, or if we’d be more forgiving of his appearance? Hard to say. John was indeed rail-thin, but only in the dry hump shot where his ribs are clearly visible does he look anorexic. Beyond that this photo shoot does seem an awkward encounter between them. Considering J&Y’s penchant for having themselves filmed and history of nude scenes it doesn’t really tell us much about their sexual relationship, although the awkwardness could hint that sex was a rare event between them. But then again a film crew was standing around watching them rolling about in the nude _ not exactly an ideal setting for lovemaking, even if it’s just simulated.

  18. stephanie says:

    To “Rmacca”, sorry but I cant leave your comments unchallenged.

    what proof do you have “it was with the help of drugs?”
    Fact: John was drug free since at least the birth of Sean.

    John was not anorexic, he was slim/skinny from his strict diet.

    “john’s own word’s in 1979” ?? John did not do any interviews in 1979.
    If you mean what was claimed in the goldman book, totally discredited. Full of lies.

    If by “friends” who you “claim” John was “unhappy”, are you referring to that scumbag Fred Seaman? (who is featured in the interview you posted), he was no friend of John’s (even though he claims to be, and was a former employee). He is a proven liar and thief. His book, and the interview he gave that you linked, was full of self serving lies, in a vain attempt to “justify” his actions in brazenly walking out of the Dakota , every week for 12 months, taking shopping bags full of treasures from John & Yoko’s collection, including John’s diaries. It wasnt just John’s diaries he stole. (Funny how he never managed to get those to Julian, which he claimed was his motive). He even stole a wrapped Christmas gift that John had left for Sean, for Christmas 1980. What a callous, cruel thing to do to a five year old who had just lost his father.
    Anything Seaman said can not be trusted. Total scumbag.

    No one said in the interview you posted that, John wanted to “escape from Yoko” contrary to what you claim. I listened to all of it.
    It has been well known that John wanted to visit the UK to see family and intended to do so. But for a holiday /and or possibly a tour.

    I have listened to hours of unreleased session tapes from Double fantasy, and tapes that the engineer recorded, which were never intended to be heard publically. Also, the 3 hour BBC Andy Peebles interview (6th Dec), and Bob Gruen’s reminisces (check out the recent PBS Podcast ). Also a friend of mine has met, and chatted at length with, with Bob Gruen. Bob WAS a true friend of John’s who spent a lot of time with him. After listening, reviewing/ reading these sources, the inescapable conclusion is, which all true fans of John already have long known that, in 1980:

    (1) John and Yoko were truly in love and happy together
    (2) John was in good health, bursting with creativity and ideas, and enjoying family life

    which makes it all the more heartbreaking to know that John was at the happiest point of his life, when he was taken from this world.
    A fact that I (and millions of other fans) will never get over.

  19. PAT says:

    He was on a special diet at the time. Also he just got back with Yoko at the time. He is very missed.

  20. Erik says:

    I agree with you Stephanie on everything above….

    I’m not the biggest Yoko fan and truly like “my” John mid 60’s style, but I believe 100% that he was happy and healthy at the end. And that there is no evidence (and MUCH to the contrary) that he was going to leave Yoko.

    Hair Peace,


  21. Steve says:

    There’s the audio diary he kept in 1979, he sounds totally depressed in much of that.

    He was definitely on the rebound in 1980 though.

  22. Astrid says:

    Tammy, he had contact to Julia, she telephoned with him some time before he was shot. She talks about this in her book, he called her and even mused about going back to Britain to show Sean where his father came from. He was thinking about spending some time at the house of his aunt Mater, because she had the biggest house for them to stay and meet the whole family. Julia missed his last call, some days before he was shot, and she was very sad about that.

    Just because Yoko says Seaman is a lier and even sued him for steeling personal things I don’t believe that any second. But maybe her brainwash works on many people….
    According to some witnesses John said that Seaman is a friend and he told Fred to get from his room what he wants to have. A lot of people said that he was screwed by Yoko and I believe that. She is definitely able to do that…and I am sure she would do everything to get her way…and to make money out of John.

    I do not think that it is love to control a person like Yoko controlled him. There are two in that game…one who controls and one who let the other one control, so John isn’t innocent.


  23. Peter Hodgson says:

    Let’s all not get carried away about Yoko being to blame for John’s lanky frame, this is not true at all.
    Look at how thin John was during the filming of ”How I won the war”
    This takes Yoko out of the equation
    I’ll send a pic to Tammy, and hopefully the pic will be posted to show how wrong people are to blame Yoko for John’s body shape
    End of discussion

    Peter Hodgson

  24. Brian says:

    I think if he’d still been wearing the granny glasses in 1980, instead of the big plastic glasses, or no glasses, or was bearded, he would have looked like pretty much the same old Lennon I reckon.

  25. lennon says:

    Too much time on his hands during the so called “house husband years.” By 1979-80 Lennon was clearly grappling with a body image problem.

    This doesn’t diminish his genius or his art, but these photos without question show he was a little too pre-occupied with his weight. His ego was unfortunately bruised by being called the “Fat Beatle” by a stupid journalist in the mid 1960s and he never forgot it.

    During the 1979-80 period, he reportedly wrapped a marked string around his waist each morning to ensure he had not gained weight. If he had, he would fast accordingly. He felt he looked good at this size and made a concerted effort to be this thin.

    Nobody is suggesting he is as thin as an Auschwitz victim, but he doesn’t look like he is at his optimum wellness level by any means. He could have used another 15 pounds.

  26. stephanie says:

    Interview in 1980:

    PLAYBOY: “What does your diet include besides sashimi and sushi, Hershey bars and cappuccinos?”

    LENNON: “We’re mostly macrobiotic, but sometimes I take the family out for a pizza.”

    ONO: “Intuition tells you what to eat. It’s dangerous to try to unify things. Everybody has different needs. We went through vegetarianism and macrobiotic, but now, because we’re in the studio, we do eat some junk food. We’re trying to stick to macrobiotic: fish and rice, whole grains. You balance foods and eat foods indigenous to the area. Corn is the grain from this area.”

  27. Brian says:

    Jack Douglas mentions John’s own view of his weight in 1980

    (from http://web.archive.org/web/20080729224728/http://www.vintagebb.com/lennon.html)

    QUESTION : I heard that there were some sessions that were videotaped. There’s even a bootleg out.

    JACK DOUGLAS : “Oh, man, there was an amazing shoot…John told me – now the guy that shot it was, I don’t know if you remember these commercials called, they were Crazy Eddie. ‘Come on down to Crazy Eddie.’ It was an ad, right?”

    QUESTION : For a record store. Or electronics.

    JACK DOUGLAS : “Yeah, electronics. I got the guy who did those commercials
    to come in and do this video.”

    QUESTION : Do you remember what songs or was it just a session?

    JACK DOUGLAS : “He was there for a week.”

    QUESTION : There’s a bootleg out where someone says “Look at the camera, Johnny”
    and he says “I know what I look like, I look like a f***ing bird.”

    JACK DOUGLAS : “Yeah.”

    QUESTION : So there were some sessions filmed?

    JACK DOUGLAS : “Yeah.”

    QUESTION : Who has the footage?

    JACK DOUGLAS : “Now here’s what… I asked John where it was, I’ve heard two things. “I tore it up in the bathtub,” “I sunk it in the pool.”… But I heard that it exists somewhere and that he was so thin at the time that he didn’t like, you know, it was so weird, because he was always John the Fat Beatle and that he felt great to be John the Skinny Guy, you know, but he felt that he looked too thin and he had his hair – we used to call him ‘Skinny Head’, he’d tie his hair back in a ponytail and his face looked like about, like it was this narrow. It looked great, actually, but he didn’t like it. But I’m telling you, these things were fantastic, I saw the footage. I wish I could remember the guy’s name. It’s like on the tip of my tongue, the guy who shot them.”

    QUESTION : You think if Yoko had it, she’d release something.

    JACK DOUGLAS : “I know, I know. I wonder if it really got destroyed.”

    QUESTION : I hope it didn’t.

    JACK DOUGLAS : “It was such a professional job.”

    QUESTION : But how could it have gotten destroyed, if there’s audio on a bootleg?

    JACK DOUGLAS : “The audio’s from my hidden mike tapes.”

  28. Candace says:

    As much as I love John, I can’t believe anyone here claims he was “healthy” when these photos were taken. He was smoking by his own admission three packs of cigarettes a day in 1980 (as well as for every preceding year since the mid 1950’s). Give me a break that he was “healthy.”

  29. jan says:

    I’m grossed out by this. That’s why it’s called a “private life.” No one needs to see it!

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