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8 Responses to “ONCE UPON A LONG AGO:”

  1. Kwai Chang says:

    we’ve seen that hat before…
    and the shoes are from Imagine’s Pig postcard…

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    there’s a (1972?)non-Christmas picture of Paul,Linda,baby…
    where he’s wearing the hat(she’s not)
    AND he’s wearing a black sweater that matches the hat…
    plus her jacket goes with the set
    their hats are identical (jamaican court jesters???)…

  3. stephenmcg says:

    Wow..an alternate xmas shot..another was in “Disc” uk paper xmas 73!!
    VG Tammy

  4. stephenmcg says:

    Hi Kwai merry xmas)spot the time!!)

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    once upon a bag of jamaican…
    (upon further inspection…the hash pipe matches the outfits, too)
    “let them eat kif”
    ghee, ghee, ghee

  6. Nick says:

    Kwai, I have that picture in a Wings booK He is holding Baby Stella and wearing that crazy hat! Love it

  7. Kwai Chang says:

    check under Linda’s red sweater…
    the same shirt she’s wearing here…
    I just want to know if that’s a pipe or a horn(in this pic)…
    it sure seems to match the hats
    which makes me think Rasta/Jamaica, mon
    (talk to Jah, catch de fish, mend da net, talk to Jah)

  8. Nick says:

    It looks like she’s wearing a purple turtleneck. Paul is holding baby Stella wearing that court jester hat. Crazy fashion! I cannot tell if it’s a horn or a pipe or something else. The book I have is “Paul McCartney and Wings by Tony Jasper. Good book.

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