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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    (roll call):
    a mama, a beatle, another mama, a gent and…
    that heroin lover…mud slide slim…
    I mean, sweet baby james…
    uh, the handyman…
    (and he’s not so vain…that was warren beatty)

  2. Tammy says:

    Kinda freaky looking at this photo, knowing only three years later James would hear the shots that took John from us, so many crossed paths and ironies in the Beatles story.

  3. A different Jennifer says:

    John looks really youngish here. I think he was like 8 years older than James but you really can’t see it in this pic. Thanks.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous picture, thanks for posting. : )

  5. jim says:

    is the fifth man bob hoskins?

  6. jim says:

    er…i meant fifth person!

  7. lizzie says:

    i didn’t know james heard the shots… how awful!

  8. Tammy says:

    Yes Lizzie, just dreadful, i have a recent documentary on John’s murder (still can’t believe i have to write that) James was interviewed, he was living on 73rd st, and was talking on the phone to i believe Peter Asher in Los Angeles, they were talking about the safety of New York when the shots rang out, James said something to Peter along the lines of ‘I talked too soon’, it was soon after he learnt it was the moment John was taken from us, amazing and heartbreaking isn’t it.

  9. JAMES says:

    Ive heard the interview with James Taylor too, he sounded quite bewildered by the coincidence and I believe I remember him saying something along tyhe lines of feeling a guilt that he wasnt there with him or talking with him which might have led to it not happening, he wasnt blaming himself but I could understandf the close proximity and being an old friend/associate and not being near enough to stop it. I read once that John didnt think much of James Taylors music at first but Im sure he dug it later, great to see muicians out on the town!

  10. debjorgo says:

    James said that he met puss face that day and that he was acting real agressive towards him. He said do*nut licker then apologized and said something like “I’m not here for you, I’m here to get Lennon”.

  11. stephanie says:

    That recent interview with James Taylor, which can be found on Itunes,
    (LennonNYC bonus Podcast audio documentaries) is the first and only time James Taylor spoke of that incident and the fact he heard the shots. The extra 10 hours of interviews on the Podcast are brilliant, esp interviews with Jack Douglas (who spoke for first time in 30 years about John).

  12. stephanie says:

    Go to Itunes: Podcasts: type in search field ” American Masters LENNONYC- Beyond Broadcast PBS

    and hit subscribe, or download all ten Podcasts, as mp3’s, for free!

    excellent interviews with musicians and people who knew and worked with John, including Earl Slick, who spoke for first time in 30 years about working with John.

    Brilliant series.

  13. JAMES says:

    Agreed, they all did great interviews, it really made things come alive, that idiot stopped so much..

  14. Johnny Silver says:

    I believe this pic is from the Jimmy Carter inaugural gala from 1/77, no?

    remember reading somewhere that carter & lennon didn’t exactly hit it off that night. carter was a bit put off by him, iirc.

    can’t say i’m shocked that john wasn’t into JT’s type of music. apparently he thought CSN&Y were nothing more than “twee nonsense” when he heard their audition tape at apple.

  15. lizzie says:

    thanks for the info, everyone, i’ll go to itunes now and download it.

  16. JAMES says:

    Just look at James Taylors eyes, its says alot I think about how well he may or may not have got one with john too, it could be anything but I’d like to think John had just stirred him up a little before the photo to get him going!

  17. Kwai Chang says:

    James is slammed in that photo…
    Carly was getting more angry by the minute…
    (they didn’t last much longer)

  18. John looks like the cat that just swallowed the mouse. Very naughty.

    James Taylor is looking at him with suspicion and maybe a bit of the evil eye.

    After all, during the Los Angeles ROCK ‘N’ ROLL recording sessions, a drunken John was recorded saying he’d like to do all the girls James Taylor had, including “nipples”. I’m sure anyone who’s familiar with Carly Simon’s album covers in the early 70s know who John was referring to.

  19. JAMES says:

    The whole picture is a story, Johns just said something outragious about.. and Im guessing Carly Simon, Taylor is seething, yoko is just pissed off at John for being John, carly simon is quite amused and a bit tickeled Id guess (she was fed up with James Taylor by then anyhow) and the bob hoskins lookalike looks as if he cant believe he heard what he heard but loved being amongst it all!yeah that Johnny could mix it up when bedevilment got hold of him!haha!

  20. Beatlemark says:

    Is Carly Simon pregnant…and drinking?

  21. Kwai Chang says:

    that might be a ‘stemware’ cufflink…
    (right up there with the gold razorblade necklace)

  22. Yes, Carly Simon was pregnant. Son, Ben was born very soon after this photo was taken in 1977. Carly Simon and James Taylor divorced in 1983.

  23. James says:

    Wow I actually thought that was John Cleese in the back. Doesn’t it look like him?

  24. JAMES says:

    and Carly Simon looks like the girl singer from the muppet show!..well its the one you never really see much of..or was she the sax player?ha!

  25. A different Jennifer says:

    @ James: well, I guess the guy could look like John Cleese NOWADAYS but back in 1977 the poor man wasn’t that old. I think Bob Hoskins is more accurate.

    And I have got to say this is one of the cutest pictures of John, forget the other people. He looks so much younger and cuter and completely out of place. And yes to who said he looks naughty. He does. JT needs to take a chill pill, my goodness.

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