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5 Responses to “ON THE ABBEY ROAD STEPS:”

  1. Jamesaway says:

    Ive sat on those steps, I was there as a tribute to george harrison on the night he died, I lived in london at the time and a few of us went down to abbey road and met up with alot of people there too to say goodbye to george, we ended up hanging out there until the early hours of the morning, a couple of EMI exec’s came out and sat with us on the steps and told us some of the old stories they knew too, it was quite moving to sit on the those steps and ponder all that had happend through the beatles years and beyond, Ive never for gotton that night, it was very special and very sad but at the same time it all seemed to make perfect sense to be there..the magical steps!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for these. : )

  3. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    I have a question for Lizzie B – why was it that in some instances – judging from the snaps people took – fans, Apple Scruffs, etc were allowed to congregate in the car park and on the steps leading up to the studio at EMI – particularly in 1968 and 69 when there were a lot of tourists around but other days, you were kept behind the gates? Was this down to the whims of the security at Abbey Road? It seems daft that they would not allow it one day and then allow it the next. Thanks in advance, Andy.

  4. lizzie says:

    hi andy. most of the time we were allowed inside the car park. there were always lots of tourists in the summer, but at other times it was much quieter. there were more people when they arrived. only a few of us could stay until the early hours to see them leave. i can’t remember being told to wait outside, though it could have happened. we “regulars” hated it when it was full of tourists because people who had never seen them before (quite understandably) became extremely enthusiastic, there was pushing around and screaming and that would make them rush inside the studios as fast as they could. on some occasions (like the night when we recorded across the universe) the doorman – especially john, who was an older man and really nice to us – would let us stay inside, between the two glass doors. that was super! nowadays the studio entrance is different, you walk in to your right. those steps sure bring back many memories to me! there was one time i remember paul coming out and sitting with us. he said “chilly, ei (like the sound of the letter a)”, which could only be a joke, as we were totally freezing. i wonder why we always wore mini skirts and never trousers. a good pair of jeans would have been a much wiser choice for those nights outside, but i didn’t own a pair of jeans and i don’t remember people wearing them like now.

  5. andy neill says:

    Thanks, Lizzie! Good luck with the book.

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