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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    is that dirk mcquigley?
    (are there no limits?)

  2. hey you says:

    olivia aged well.

    meh, on the doc though.

  3. nick_L says:

    Agreed Hey You. She’s still beautiful. As for the doc, I found it a little disjointed the first time around too but I watched it a second time and I began to see how it was meant to be disjointed because the man was many different people. The one we all love is the witty and insightful George and there’s plenty of that in the doc. There’s also enough of the stuff we don’t want to see and hear that might prevent us from feeling fully nourished. For instance, it’s hard to hear Olivia hint that Georgie may not have been the most faithful bloke during their marriage.

  4. heartbreak says:

    Eric Idel is alike Paul McCartnye, isn’t he? 😉

  5. Steve Phillips says:

    I loved the book/DVD set and again learned more about George! Great value if you buy online……………………

  6. BeatleJim55 says:

    She looks great…

  7. Ishie says:

    George’s life and personality was multi-faceted and the documentary did a wonderful job in bringing George to us in that way. There was light & dark to his life and I credit Olivia & Dhani for being so honest in painting such a truthful portrait. The documentary gave us George as a whole being. He lived, strived and perhaps struggled throughout his journey for inner peace, tranquilty and a greater understanding. He was devoted to learning and change. He evolved as we all do but George did it in the eye of the public and shared his teachings through his music.

  8. Joy says:

    She’s so cute and that beautiful smile – that’s just another reason I love the song ‘BEAUTIFUL GIRL’ – they made such a glorious couple.

  9. lizzie says:

    i loved the doc. saw it on the big screen at the rio film festival last week. people are complaining that they didn’t include a bunch of things: how could they? it would have been 8 hours long! the little bit of film where you can see george’s parents was provided by my dear friend pat simmons, who used to have the fab fanzine “with a little help from my friends”. there are a couple of photos of george wearing that brazilian necklace my friend regina sent and denise and i gave him in early 1967. olivia looks great and i also think it was wonderful how dhani and her shared so much with us fans. i am also quite happy that there is latin blood in the beatle family! i wonder if dhani speaks spanish? he probably does.

  10. Bluesdude says:

    I’m just so glad that woman was in George’s life. Her loyalty was and is unquestionable

  11. les says:

    I bought the dvd on release. Wonderful footage. My only gripe is not enough of his superb solo work was featured. Absolutely beautiful songs but anyone watching it who was not a beatle fan would have thought he only made All things must pass since the Beatles split. Having said that I was still spellbound.

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