Oh John.

6 Responses to “Oh John.”

  1. MarkC says:

    “I’ll have to remember this for Walls and Bridges”

  2. Kwai Chang says:

    a nearsighted PENguin is no match for a fat budgie
    potato tomotto
    (that’s some crazy righting)

  3. Jorge says:

    Well said MarkC

  4. mcarp555 says:

    The “eyes” have it.

  5. Lizzie says:

    You’re so right, MarkC – I hadn’t thought of that.

  6. Kwai Chang says:

    why not use two identical pairs of glasses
    (maybe even the same size)
    And, maybe
    get someone less bent to glue the eyes on the specs.
    Or, is this exactly what SuperJohn wanted?
    Bring back the butcher smocks
    They’ll buy anything
    in any new packaging

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