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  1. lovesnastyhabit says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would actually “wonder” if Lennon wouldn’t be just as vain if he were alive. Of course he would be. From what I’ve read, he was the vainest of the four. To make such a sweeping generalization you would have to be unaware that he became obsessed with his weight after reading an article that called him ‘fat’, he fired Dezo Hoffman because Dezo published photos of him water skying with his Beatle bangs blowing off his forehead, he refused to let people see him with his glasses until the granny glasses became ‘cool’, he didn’t like to be around men who were taller than he…There are many other stories. My other question is, why are certain people so sure that Paul has a weave? Aren’t some people blessed with a lot of hair that they have throughout most of their lives? His brother Mike also enjoys a mop of thick hair (albeit grey) so unless both McCartneys decided to go get a weave (two for one sale perhaps?) than I’m guessing they are among the lucky few who got the good hair gene.

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