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25 Responses to “NO SMILE FOR YOU!!:”

  1. Chelsea says:

    This picture is but one example of why John called George “hatchet face” and “the great stone face.” But of course we love him anyway. :)

  2. Mariana says:


  3. BLJ says:

    It was not nice for John to call George names because he did not react the way John thought he should. George was just pensive.

  4. Chelsea says:

    @BLJ: John could be cutting with his jokes, but I think we all know that he and George had a very close relationship (unfortunately, it wasn’t that close towards the end, but they were very close throughout most of the 60s and 70s).

  5. Julia says:


  6. Brandi says:

    Still hot, though! Lol

  7. hey you says:

    @chelsea, yup. very close. beginning sometime in the mid 60s when they began taking lsd together. george said their friendship changed and john saw him more than just ‘a kid’. may pang has said that john often worried about george and phoned him on a regular basis to see how he was doing.

  8. talanca says:

    That’s Los Angeles P.C., 1965.

  9. Leah says:

    Oh George. That natural frown of his suits well.

  10. D- says:

    If George and John were so close, then why did John always find somewhere else to be when it was time to record George’s songs? (John does not play on Love You To, Long Long Long, Here Comes the Sun, I Me Mine, Savoy Truffle, and he plays next to nothing on Piggies and Something. It’s odd that George never said anything about that yet he often publicly snarked at Paul, who did help George on every one of his songs.)

    Why, after the Beatles broke up, did John never write songs with George when he had every opportunity to do so? Why did John never even consider forming a band with George after the Beatles? And why, according to Peter Doggett’s well-regarded book, did George and John have little contact after 74-75?

    My point: George and John didn’t have the happy close relationship people like to think they had. IMO, George’s relationship with John seems just as difficult and fraught as George’s relationship with Paul. I would guess George wanted to write with John, but John never seemed to view George as an equal writing partner. It speaks volumes that John replaced Paul with Yoko — and not George.

  11. BLJ says:

    @D- I have a question for you. How well did you know John? I must admit I did not know John at all, I never had the pleasure of meeting him but since I can only believe or not believe what I read. I must believe Yoko, whom I believe was much closer to John then you or I was. I read one of her statements that George and John were very close. After all that is said and done, I believe her. John not choosing George as his writing partner does not mean they were not close friends.
    I also believe that John and Paul were close but never were as close as John was to Yoko, how could anyone even make such a comparison. Yoko was John’s lover and wife. Paul was a close friend. Lovers prevail over friends. And furthermore I have never read anywhere that George even wanted to write with John or Paul.
    My Point: To all Beatle fans. Believe what you hear coming from Paul, Yoko, Ringo and people that you know were close to the deceased Beatles and do not speculate. And don’t believe everything you read out of books. Some writers like to sensationalize and embellish to sell books. And please remember John and George have family. Remember these are real people just like you and I. Peace and Love
    D- your point is pure speculation if you did not know the Beatles personally.

  12. D- says:

    John and I were close personal friends. He told me everything. Ha.

    I”m not sure what you’re objecting to. It was John himself who said he only picked two partners in this world: Paul and Yoko. Those were John’s exact words. After the Beatles, John had every opportunity to collaborate on songs or in a new band with George and John chose not to. That isn’t speculation, it’s fact. And the facts speak for themselves, too, about John not participating on a lot of George’s Beatles song/

    All I’m saying is don’t view George and John’s relationship with rose-colored glasses. Of course they were friends. But their relationship had plenty of tensions, too.

  13. BLJ says:

    George said he best thing that happened to him was being a Beatles and getting out of the Beatles. Why would he want to be in a band with John? Wasn’t John a Beatle? When John said he would only want to be in business with his wife and Paul. I believe that he would only want to do business with Yoko and if it had to be, it would be Paul because they were the best song writing team he ever encountered, other than that it could only be his wife that he would do any business with. I still believe that John and George were close but John and George may not have worked out as a team the way Paul and John did.
    Are you viewing Paul and John’s friendship with rose colored glasses because they were one of the best song writing team in history? That was business. Friendship is not always based on business. I believe John and George were close. My belief still stands, because Yoko said so. I’m not saying John and Paul were not close but Paul was not the only Beatle John was close to.
    Just one of the many quotes I have read: “Although John and Paul were the principal protagonist of the Beatles, their relationship while close, had a distinct competitive edge to it. As a result, John often felt more comfortable with George than with his songwriting partner, Paul.” – The Beatles 365 Days
    It is alleged that George and John were not on speaking terms when John was shot. I believe they would have made up if that idiot had not have shot John.

  14. D- says:

    You are reading into my comments. Where did I say that John was ONLY close to Paul? No where. That’s not my point at all. From all accounts, John was close to all 3 of them. Cynthia Lennon in her book said John was closest to Paul, she said that John felt most relaxed with Ringo, and she said John had a big brother view of George, viewing him with a mix of affection and annoyance (like any big brother views a little brother).

    If you reread my comments, I am merely responding to prior posts talking about how “close” John and George were. My point is NOT that they weren’t close. My point is that there were plenty of points of tension in John and George’s relationship — just as there were points of tension between Paul and George. There are Beatles fans who seem to think that John and George had this idyllic friendship and all I’m saying is that’s the rose-colored glasses view. It was far more complicated than that.

  15. BLJ says:

    @D-I’m going to end this but please read your first statement written and you will know why I said, what I said regarding George, John and Paul. Have a Blessed Day :)

  16. stephanie says:

    @BLJ: I agree with you 100% !!. Bravo.


    No one knows the true extent and nature of friendship except the actual people involved. Anything else is speculation. Building a whole case and point of view based on “possible” scenario’s and occasional quote is misleading and unhelpul.

    Yes its true that John and George had little contact after 74/75, that was acknowledged by both of them. But John had little contact with ANYONE after 1975. Even previously close friends, John would not return calls to. He and Yoko were, during that period, mostly “self contained” (John’s word’s).

    But also remember this, in late 1980, John, in interviews, was actually very warm about George, Paul & Ringo. I forget the exact quote, but he basically said they were like brothers.

    And Tammy revealed, on this blog, earlier this year, a little known fact. On Dec 8th, in his limousine, John was talking with the RKO reporter, off tape, who did the very last interview with him. The reporter said that John was full of admiration for Paul and praised him very warmly.

  17. Louise says:

    I think what D- said makes sense. He/she did not say John and George were enemies or hated each other. D- just said that people who say things like “John and George were so close” are being a bit naive: George’s relationship with John had plenty of tensions.

    We all know John and Paul had a complicated relationship, and that Paul and George did, too. But clearly so did John and George. And I think that’s all D- was trying to say.

  18. BLJ says:

    D- writes: Why, after the Beatles broke up, did John never write songs with George when he had every opportunity to do so? Why did John never even consider forming a band with George after the Beatles?
    @ D- and Stephanie I never said or implied that D- said they were enemies. I’m saying why would George want to write with John? George was often quoted as saying he could only get one or two songs on each album. He benefited better getting away from the Beatles than staying, so why would he want to be a part of John and Yoko’s band or write with him? George had enough talent and popularity to be successful, on his own. He did not need John or Paul after the Beatles break-up. Have you ever thought that maybe George did not want to be a part of John and Yoko’s band or writing team, when you asked why?

  19. Louise says:

    BLJ: Well, George DID work with John post-Beatles, on Imagine, so he clearly did want to work in John’s band. George always loved being in a band (hence the Traveling Wilburys). I think he would have jumped at the chance to form a new band with John. It was John who didn’t want that.

    And I think George absolutely would have loved to be John’s writing partner, given how much George idolized John. Again, it was John who never saw George as a writing partner.

  20. BLJ says:

    My opinion still stands based on interviews of GEORGE HARRISON. Yes, I do believe he looked up to John, when he was younger, but I believe based on what George said that by the time the Beatles broke up I think he put away his childish admiration. I don’t believe he felt that way about John by the time they broke up. There is a lot of difference between a boy who is in his teens and early twenties. I think George had matured by the time he reached twenty seven. George was into his Indian music and the Hindu religion. At the time of the break-up, I believe the only person he really looked up to was God.
    John, Paul, George and Ringo were headed in different directions when it came to music. (Anthology) Based on interviews I have heard from George and Paul. I really don’t think he would have jumped at the chance to be in John and Yoko’s band, but I do think they remained friends and did sometimes record together. What I am saying came directly from the horse’s mouth not my opinion. If George wanted to be in John’s band I never heard this come out of his mouth. He spoke frankly about everything else.

    Note: Paul looked up to John too but I don’t think he wanted to be in John and Yoko’s band either. Please listen to the many live interviews from Paul, George and Ringo and you will see why I do not share your opinion. Another thing why would George want to partner with John when he had been writing songs on his own when he was a Beatle? I think George had gained confidence by then.

  21. BLJ says:

    @ Louise Please go to this website
    Just a few of Harrison’s many interviews

  22. Chelsea says:

    @BLJ: I’ve actually heard George say he’d join a band with John in a second, but wouldn’t write with Paul because he felt their musical styles differed too much. So while I agree with you that George seemed comfortable being on his own as a songwriter, he seemed also to be open about the possibility of being in a band with John. That actually makes sense to me, seeing as how George collaborated with John on a couple of John’s albums (even if it was just as a guitarist, as opposed to a songwriter).

  23. Louise says:

    Of course George didn’t want to be in a band with Yoko. George seemed to hate Yoko more even than Paul disliked her. It was George and John who supposedly came to blows (or nearly) or something as stupid as Yoko taking one of George’s biscuits in the studio. In Beatles Anthology it is George who is most critical of her and the damaging effect she had on the band.

    But it seems clear to me that George definitely wanted to be in a band with JOHN.

    And you’re telling me that someone who revered John as much as George did, didn’t long to write songs with John? It seems obvious to me that George would have given quite a lot to be John’s equal songwriting partner. Why else do you think George was so hard on Paul? It’s because George was always jealous of Paul — and particularly of Paul’s partnership with John, and the way John respected Paul’s talent more than John respected George’s. Why else did George walk around with a chip on his shoulder for all those years? He was the odd man out, and he wanted in.

    I love how people are always willing to attribute base human motives to John’s actions or Paul’s actions, but they seem to think that George was a monk. He was as human as the rest, with as human of motivations. That doesn’t mean George was a bad person — just a person subject to human emotions like the rest of them.

    Just my 2 cents. Obviously.

  24. DBacon says:

    George spent most of the 70’s proving his worth as a solo act (as did the other 3), the hoo-ha of any 2-ex-Beatle collaborations would totally eclipse any actual music made. Too soon after the event.

    John didn’t live long enough to have much water under the bridge, so we are left to zoom in on a lot of temporary crap that becomes more significant than it really is, solely because of John’s sudden exit. A lot of unfinished business in 1980, legally and emotionally.

  25. ALEX OF BRONX says:

    I agree with y’all that George may have been the oddman out when it came to Beatle songwriting, but think about it , the song writing team was Lennon/McCartney. George deservidely got room on Beatle albums, he even got 3 songs on Revolver. Granted all 3 of his contributions were great . He got 2 songs on Abbey Road , but that point his songs were just as good as anything John and Paul came up with. Something and Here Comes The Sun are two of the best songs on that album, so I can understand his frustration. It had to be very frustrating competing with Lennon/McCartney but I feel they gave him a fair shake, not for nothing, how many songs did Bill Wyman record with the Stones ? Even Ringo got a song here or there with the Beatles.

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