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  1. Kwai Chang says:


  2. JD says:

    I’m guessing it’s Ringo’s Sunny Heights gaff. I believe this was taken by Henry Grossman on the same day he did the photo session for “Life” magazine and also captured the first recording session for ‘Lucy In The Sky’. Photos from this day (great as they are) can be seen in the ridiculously expensive books ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ & ‘Places I Remember’

  3. Lizzie says:

    Ridiculously expensive, amazingly well put together, superb quality in paper, printing, etc., so worth every penny… I have “Kaleidoscope Eyes”, it was a gift from the publishers (there are three photos of myself, my friend Denise and another fan in that book). The other one sold out before I could buy it. SILLY (SLOW) GIRL! I saw “Places I Remember” in London, at the lectures inside Studio Two in 2013 and again at a friend’s house and nearly had a heart attack. What do you think 1000 photos you’ve never seen before will do to a photo junkie like me? Now I can only dream about it… All I saw were the “Help” photos and the 1967 ones. There was no time for more.

  4. JD says:

    Hi Lizzie. I met you at Abbey Road last year when you gave a brief talk to the audience regarding your backing vocals on ‘Across The Universe’. I recall ‘Places I Remember’ was on show to view. I too had a flick through and saw some amazing, beautiful photos that will never see a wider audience unless someone with a copy feels inclined to scan and share… When I got home that evening I went to purchase it through curvebender publishing, but all copies were sold out..! Bear in mind this book was only available through curvebender publishing at around £300.00..!!!! I appreciate that a book of that quality should have a premium price, but surely a cheaper version could be printed…

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    People are suckers to buy into ANY manufactured collectable. True collectables cannot be predicted and none are of the limited edition variety. The numbered stuff is just phase-1 of a profit squeezing effort. It will be reprinted when this well dries up. Like abracadabra they’re all sold out. I wonder who bought them and took them all to ebay?
    (some clever mofo…that’s who)
    …when there are no more on ebay…then, abracadabra phase-2 will reveal itself. I can’t renounce my vow of poverty because of such opportunities.

  6. Lizzie says:

    Hi JD. That was a very special moment, wasn’t it? I spent most of the day inside Studio 2, since I went to both lectures. I’ve been there three times now and it’s still totally magical! I hope I can make it to next year’s lectures. I will ask Kevin and Brian if they plan to release a version of “Places I Remember” at a more reasonable price.

  7. GLCompany says:

    Like to see some more Pictures made at ‘Sunny Heights’ in Weybridge?

  8. Kwai, photo books are pretty collectible, none of the Genesis books have ever come out as trade editions, and quite a few by other publishers have stayed exclusive. Coming up later this year is a book by Kishin Shinoyama on his session with John and Yoko in 1980, and I’m just going to HAVE to pony up for that collectible, even if I have to sell clippings of my leg hair to raise funds (unless the readers here organize a secret whip around and gift it to me as a surprise in undying gratitude). I’d rather these books than a rusted tin of Beatle talc on my shelf :-)

  9. Oops, ONE Genesis book ‘I me mine’ did end up trade.

  10. I really hope John didn’t build that tree house :-)

  11. Kwai Chang says:

    @Tammy: Dutchess of Oven…
    I’m just jealous…and a bit ruffled that loyalty comes from a store a little too often. But, the magic is the music anyway. Give me a scratched copy of Beatles ’65 and I don’t care if I ever read again!
    PS- I think Genesis started this mess. Pictures And Shutters(?) by Michael Cooper was another early one.

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