7 Responses to “NEW FRAME:”

  1. Michael says:

    Such an incredibly cool look.

  2. Jorge says:

    It ought to be the cover of his next CD! What a great iconic picture!

  3. MarkC says:

    Bob Gruen photo? Should be put next to Statue of Liberty photo with same (or) similar cap.

  4. Bob says:

    I recall seeing a similar pic, around Dec 1980 on a Soho News cover, so I searched:

  5. Nick Detaranto says:

    I think this is from sometime in 1980?

  6. David B says:

    I clearly remember asking for similar-framed glasses back in ’82 and telling the folks I wanted frames like John Lennon last wore, and they kept pointing me to the older grannie glasses he wore in the late ’60s.

    These were the ones I was always trying to find.

  7. I finally found an exact pair, in my display case.

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