Calling all ‘Date’ people, i need some help here for a really important project, can anyone date when this photo was taken in 1967 by Jean-Marie Perier, i need the exact date and source for this if you can help, sleuth hats on people :-)

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  1. Chris Boone says:

    This was the same shoot as the photos like the one on the Strawberry Fields Forever 45 and the one with the red and yellow background and that one light blue background that was used on a magazine cover, all were taken the same days as the Strawberry Fields Forever promo film was being filmed. to get the exact date you’d need to map out what clothing they were wearing on what dates of the filming. John C. Winn’s books might be some help. Not sure. They were all wearing the same exact clothes on one or two days of the filming. One of the photo session outtakes has a picture of them with the photographer.

  2. Paul Higgens says:

    This photo first appeared in the national papers on the 31st January 1967 taken as part of an up to date photo shoot for the press.
    As was nearly always the practice in those days what the press shot one day it was shown the next, so I am pretty certain this would have been taken on the 30th January.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Elle says:

    The “Strawberry Fields Forever” promo was filmed on the 30th & 31st of January 1967. So, based on the info shared above, the photo session probably occurred on the 30th of January.

    Jean-Marie Perier’s photos of the Beatles are stunning. I have seen other works of his (Stones, Dylan, Marianne Faithfull) and they beautifully capture the essence of the 60’s!

  4. WantedTom says:

    There are some outstandin photos of Perrier here,Jean-Marie-Perier,9.html

  5. Elle says:

    This website ( notes the photos being taken on the 6th of January 1967.

  6. Chris Boone says:

    Considering that is a Paul is dead site, I’m not sure how accurate their January 6 date can be taken. I don’t claim to accurately date my pics, but do match them up based on what they all are wearing, and it is the same clothes worn during one of the days filming the Strawberry Fields video. One of the light blue background photos from this shoot Lennon even wears the same hat as he did during the filming.

  7. jniml4 says:

    Who p. o.’ed Paul?

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