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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    At some point, they must have been effortless…you know, the perfect pose, the exact synchronicity related to the camera shutter. This picture seems to be another perfect shot…except, by this time they had gotten bored and began mocking the entire process. How else could George be so off? It’s the only fun they had left…soon, they’ll dump Dezo and pretend to be loving it all over again. This may be the best picture ever taken of Paul and Ringo…

  2. A Car And A Room And A Room And A Room says:

    This 1963 publicity shot was one of those given out with secretarial signatures machine printed on it.

  3. Kwai Chang says:

    That is very cool info. I have only ever seen two different auto-pen fan-club cards. Both are from 1968…(Lady Madonna pic sleeve shot, Revolution video still). They are rare enough…but, 1963 must be the most. A great picture to feature the ‘signatures’. Auto-pen is super cool in that it not only leaves the ’embossed’ look from the ball-point pen…but seems to slightly ‘smear’ the ink on at least one signature (possibly done intentionally to add realism). I’m do not know the extent of the fan-club’s merchandising ventures…but, if the ‘signed’ card was free, like the yearly group poster and holiday’s Christmas records, THAT is supreme generosity. The only thing unhip about it would be NOT to join.

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